Swimming pool during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers wonder whether to start to go to the pool. We all know that it is very useful. Some women even are surprised to learn that first needs to take permission from attending physician. In fact, the question of whether you can swim during pregnancy, is not so simple, and addressed in each case different.

• Swimming in the pool for pregnant women – a great activity for pregnant women, which trains the muscles and many systems of the body without overloading.
• However, to go to the pool not with the threat of abortion, placenta previa, the appearance of any vaginal discharge.
• You can swim not only in pools, but in the “credible” natural waters. In any case, before you take this step, you need to obtain the permission of the attending physician.

Why it is useful to swim during pregnancy?

This activity increases immunity and endurance, provides a good load on the whole body and helps keep your weight. Classes in the pool, like any physical workout, cheer up.

Besides, swimming develops and strengthens many muscle groups. For example, strong musculature of the back will help move the pregnancy and to cope with the load, which provides the younger in the stomach baby. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, pelvic floor, abdomen and perineum will be the key to successful course delivery.

Swim during pregnancyAnother plus swimming is good for cardiovascular system and during pregnancy it experiences fairly heavy loads. Significantly improves blood circulation, blood and lymph begin to circulate more quickly through the body and internal organs. All this helps to cope with the problem of stagnation of blood in the lower extremities and varicose veins, reduce swelling.

Because water is removed extra stress on the spine and all muscle groups, the expectant mother relaxes, and it no longer pains in the back and waist. Swimming well coached respiratory system, which allows the expectant mother to prepare for the upcoming birth. Proper breathing and proper lung ventilation improves the oxygen supply to the blood and, therefore, it gets prosperity and the future baby.

Even swimming can help the baby in the correct position in the mother’s womb. In cases of problem presentation, the doctors even advise pregnant women to take classes in the pool to give the baby a chance to turn over. But despite the benefits and advantages of such training, there are States, when they are contraindicated.

When you can’t swim when pregnant?

The main contraindication for these classes is the threat of termination of pregnancy, therefore, the question of whether you can swim during pregnancy you should discuss with your doctor. Any heavy discharge, placenta previa will also become the reason for the ban.

If the expectant mother there are no contraindications, you can safely go into the pool, and as early as possible to begin preparation for childbirth with the first weeks. Do not be afraid to get an infection: nowadays, pools are used a powerful system of cleansing and special products that do not contain chlorine.

Can pregnant women swim in the sea or the ocean?

If you want to swim in open water, of course, do not swim in prohibited areas. Before you enter the water rate, is it sufficiently clean.

Swimming during pregnancy in the sea is a useful thing, because salt water and its trace elements beneficial to the skin. Just keep in mind that to set foot on the rocky bottom is better in shoes.

On what time you can swim during pregnancy?

To go to the pool moms can be until the time of childbirth and is desirable to engage in specialized groups for pregnant women. The main thing during class – listening to your body. First of all, you need to get pleasure from swimming, you don’t need to do it through force.

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