Symptoms and signs of infertility

There comes a time when a woman thinks about the birth of a child. However, the conception of a child is a simple procedure. Sometimes when all the efforts of a pair of desired pregnancy does not occur, even if tried all positions and all natural methods of conception.

Infertility is a serious diagnosis, and he is believed to be accurate, if the couple leading a regular sexual life in the past year or two, pregnancy does not occur.

Of course, the absence of pregnancy in the absence of contraceptive measures is, in fact, is the main symptom of infertility. But it is very often confused with infertility causes various problems in the body that prevent the normal conception.

These reasons can be various – from the visible and accepted as manifestations of infertility, to absolutely not tangible, but nevertheless, not allowing the woman to know the joys of motherhood. There are certain warning signs that can bring a woman to the idea that it is not all right with reproductive function and encourage her to seek evaluation and treatment.

Infertility is the primary or absolute – whatever is done, will be unable to give birth naturally. It happens very rarely, and mostly they malformations of the genital organs: severe structural abnormalities of the uterus and appendages, its absence or severe hypoplasia. In addition, such a diagnosis will be women, never in my life peremenivshih without protection.

In all other cases developed secondary infertility is when the woman has previously had a pregnancy, as well as temporary problems in the body that interfere with getting pregnant right now or with a specific partner.

Hormonal problems
What is male infertilityEndocrine, or hormonal infertility is the most common problem. To suspect a problem in hormonal background can and the woman in the measurement of basal body temperature or when using ovulation tests.

In the case of hormonal infertility there are no signs of ovulation: a graph of measurement of basal temperature monotonous, and test strips ovulation in the days of the expected release of an egg show a negative value.

Usually hormonal problems in women are expressed in violation of menstruation – they are irregular, very scarce or too abundant, painful, delays may occur. Severe hormonal disorder is amenorrhea is a condition when menstruation has ceased.

Main symptoms infertility

Endocrine disorders are suspected in women with active hair growth on the body – the legs and forearms, if pilosis from pubis rises “path” to the navel, goes to the hips, and hair grows very abundantly. It is a sign of excess androgens.

Excess hormones “gives” excessive oiliness and greasiness of the skin, acne and seborrhea.

All of the above symptoms are an indication for a blood test for hormone levels and its correction.

Infection is a possible cause of infertility
Main symptoms infertilityOften women and men, without knowing it, have a “bouquet” of sexually transmitted infections.

Great danger hidden infections that have no manifestations or symptoms to a minimum. It Ureaplasma, herpes viruses, especially sexual (genital), human papilloma virus, cytomegalovirus, and chlamydia, as well as candidiasis (thrush), carriers which often men.

Infection dangerous inflammation of the genital tract and adhesion in the fallopian tubes, resulting in the conception becomes impossible.
When planning a pregnancy should take a blood test and swabs from the genital tract of both partners to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Health Problems

The problem of infertility can become adenomyosis or endometriosis, severe disease of the genitals. To break the process of conception can polyps inside the uterus, fibroids, adhesions due to early abortion or vskablivanii. They can make itself felt painful menstrual periods, intermenstrual light bleeding, discharge after intercourse. In these cases, you need therapy.

Abnormalities in the ovaries, cysts in them entails the use of hormonal contraceptives for correction of work appendages.

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