Symptoms of ovulation

In our modern world, so sometimes it happens that some of the women can become pregnant almost immediately, sometimes even unwittingly, and someone is needed each time month after month to calculate the onset of their ovulation, to go to different doctors and so on. As you can see in the first pregnancy, and will depend on the pre-ovulation and for women pregnancy planning is extremely important to be able to timely identify the main symptoms of its occurrence.

We should immediately say that at 100% to determine the best time to implement full-fledged conception is possible only by using advanced ultrasonic research. Although, as a rule, if your planning conception diagnostic ultrasound will likely be paid. And this is as you know not everyone can afford, in fact it was then that women can resort to other quite reliable methods of determining ovulation, and, of course, here, by the way, would be to know the basic symptoms of ovulation.

Increase basal body temperature women

This temperature can easily be measured and just at home, with the most commonly used conventional mercury thermometer or electronic thermometer. But, of course, you definitely have to be patient, because for correct determination of ovulation will need to measure the basal temperature during the entire full menstrual cycle.

It is advisable to start with the end of the last menstrual cycle. And the best time for such measurement – this morning. Every day you measure the temperature directly in the rectum, and then make the indicator in the chart. As you know, in the first half of your menstrual cycle, the temperature generally will fluctuate in around thirty seven degrees. And, for example, in the middle of the cycle usually small jump when the basal body temperature of women will increase by about 0.4 degrees, and sometimes even less. Actually this will be the time of ovulation. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that such a jump in temperature does not occur, and in this case, we are talking about the fact that most likely you this time, did the measurement directly in anovulatory menstrual cycle, or for some reason your body has not always been some serious disorders associated with the menstrual cycle.

Increase basal body temperature womenAnd yet, such a leap when there is some rise in basal temperature is not absolute confirming the occurrence of ovulation symptom. Because usually on the changes in basal temperature may affect virtually any of the available external factors. And this Smoking, and too violent sex, and even alcohol.

Standard test ovulation

As you probably already know in addition to pregnancy tests today in a drugstore it is possible to find and buy and special tests to determine the occurrence of ovulation. These tests work in such a way that the reagent substance in them will have to react to the presence in your urine luteinizing hormone. It is this hormone begins as actively as possible be produced in just a few hours to a full release of a Mature egg.

Pain during ovulation

It should be noted that some women may feel during ovulation pulling pain directly in the lower part of your belly. And, as a rule, such pain can last from just a few minutes and up to several hours. Note that this ovulatory pain most often can be associated with the fact that during the release of a ripened egg slightly irritated all the mucous membrane of your ovary.

Some change in cervical fluids

Symptoms of ovulation in womenGo further on what has already occurred, your full ovulation, it can inform your vaginal discharge (or as they say doctors cervical fluid). But to define such modifications will need, so that just as in the case of basal temperature selection throughout the menstrual cycle and the only way you will really notice some individual patterns. So, for example, usually immediately after menstruation in women is quite sticky, and rubber consistency of such discharge. And here, for example, the closer it gets to the upcoming ovulation, the actual discharge becomes more and more diluted and sometimes even become somewhat similar to the usual cream with a little whitish or slightly yellow undertones. And that’s just for a few days until the best time for conception women’s selection will have to be completely transparent, more slippery and even elastic. Well, let’s say, after the fact of ovulation, they are again slightly modified or even completely disappear, again only until your next menstrual cycle.

It should, however, be noted that not all so easy with secretions, because many women have ever allocations initially very little, and actually it is, therefore, women may be extremely difficult to see in these scanty discharge any real changes. Can also prevent you, to examine your cervical fluid and various sexual infections, which simply can dramatically alter the character of discharge than actually enter the women astray.

Sharp increase sex drive

Modern doctors say that increased sexual desire during ovulation laid in women mother nature, and especially to all the people on the planet multiplied more than willingly.

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