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Tampons vs Pads

Many women when choosing hygiene during critical days faced with the question “What’s better – pads or tampons?” Let’s look at their key differences.

Every woman can try both tools to understand what’s better – pads or tampons. Whatever You chose, the main rule is to strictly observe personal hygiene during “critical days”! Using pads or tampons, you always need to focus on the intensity of the selections and choose those funds that have a suitable absorbent.

Using tampons during menstruation

Advantages of tampons

1. Convenience

Many women and girls do not accidentally think tampons are more convenient. These tools allow even hygiene during menstruation is to lead a normal lifestyle and not to restrict their physical activity. In addition, You do not have to worry, as in the case of pads, a tampon will shift and there will be a leak. Hygiene is held securely by the muscles of Your body, so it can’t accidentally fall out.

2. Hygiene

If You chose the right absorbency tampon, the allocation will not stain the skin outside. Therefore, when replacing, You will need to carefully wash. Which means You spend less time on the necessary hygiene procedures.

3. The opportunity to swim and play sports

Through the use of swabs when menstruation can swim. Such hygiene products can easily exercise without worrying about that at the wrong time happen to leak. Just use a new swab before each workout.

4. Invisible protection

You’ve probably noticed that the underwear strip does not look very aesthetically pleasing. Many confuse sticking out from two sides of panties “wings”, especially if you have to change clothes in public areas (e.g. in the gym locker room). Thanks to the tampons of this problem can be easily avoided.

5. Recycling

In contrast to pads tampons are easy to recycle. They can just wrap it in toilet paper and throw in dustbin. In the case of gaskets used in packing of hygiene products will require more time.

6. No smell

When you use a tampon does not arise the characteristic and unpleasant odor that You can sense if You didn’t change the gasket. The swab is inside the vagina and will not start to smell until removed.

7. Small size

Tampons are different from the strips smaller size so it can easily fit even in a tiny purse. They can discreetly take with you, for example, putting in a pocket or a normal pencil case.

8. The ability to wear any underwear

When using pads You have to choose a model of panties to avoid leaks. Tampons things are much better: You can wear any underwear You want, and worry about unpleasant surprises.

9. Species diversity

Today there are a variety of sponges, among which You will choose the most suitable hygiene. Try different kinds of tampons to find exactly what You need.

10. The lack of extra sounds when changing hygiene products

When using strips, many women often feel embarrassed, if the hygiene have to change in a public restroom. Gently pull the tampon out of the package almost silently.

11. The ability to feel confident

Tampons are placed inside the body, so allow You to move freely and to feel confident, even during menstruation. With the right choice absorbency hygiene products You may not have to worry about leaks.


Disadvantages of Tampons

1. The difficulty with the introduction in the initial stages

Tampons need to enter inside the vagina. This requires women of a certain skill. A first stage of the use of such means of hygiene difficulties, so prefer a more conventional version of the pads. After a few times of use of tampons, You’ll be able to introduce them into the vagina. However, if you use them for the first time, You will need a little more time than in the future. To correctly insert a tampon, just follow the instructions in the package and do not rush.

2. Discomfort during introduction

Some women experience discomfort immediately upon introduction of the tampon. Most tampons have a smooth and soft surface, so they are easy to insert and remove.

3. The necessity of adopting postures with the introduction of

For the proper introduction of the tampon should take a comfortable position, slightly squatting or putting a foot on the edge of the tub. In a different position to replace the means of hygiene is a bit more difficult.

4. Complexity in determining the replacement time of a tampon

In the case of the strip You can easily see when its time to change. With a pad things are a little different as it is inside the body. These hygiene is necessary to extract as filling. In the first days of menstruation – once in 3-6 hours. Remember that a tampon should not remain inside the body for more than 8 hours. To find out whether it is time to change the means of hygiene, just pull the cord for the return. Filled with the tampon will slip out easily.

5. The risk of toxic shock syndrome

Improper use of tampons and their late shift there is a risk of the syndrome of “toxic shock” (rare disease caused by toxins that are present in the body). However, remember that it can develop regardless of what You use – pads or tampons. That is why in the days of menstruation is particularly strictly adhere to the rules of personal hygiene.

6. The need to determine the degree of absorbency

You’ll need to choose a tampon size and level of protection. When you use hygiene products too high for You, absorbency, you may receive the vaginal dryness.

7. Restrictions on use in the night

To avoid toxic shock syndrome, you need to regularly change tampons (at least 1 every 8 hours). This means that You can use such means of hygiene in the night, but You definitely need to introduce a new tampon before going to bed and removing it upon waking. Specifically for use in the night-time created a special “Night Pads” with protective wings, which will allow You to feel protected until the morning.

Using Pads during menstruation

Advantages of Pads

1. Ease of use

These hygiene products are easy to use, easy to replace. Their use does not need to learn, as in the case of tampons. The process of replacing hygiene does not take a lot of time.

2. A variety of models

Today, many brands offer strips of different models, so You have to choose from. Available are a large number of hygiene products with conventional and high absorbency, different shapes and thickness.


Disadvantages of Pads

1. The inability to swim and lead an active lifestyle

If You prefer a gasket and don’t use tampons, it is better to forget about swimming during menstruation and sunbathing in a swimsuit.

2. Visibility of hygiene

Unfortunately, the strip cannot be hidden with underwear. When wearing tight clothing and hygiene products is especially noticeable in the back

3. Discomfort when wearing

Strips can shift to the side to wear that very uncomfortable. In this case, You will feel discomfort. In addition, it increases the risk of leakage.

4. Big size

Pads will not fit in the pocket of tight jeans or a small purse. Such hygiene products are difficult to discreetly take with you.

5. Odor

The pads can be a source of unpleasant odors, especially if you do not change them for a long time. Tampons is excluded, while they are inside the body.

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