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Temperature fluctuates, day/evening much more than in the morning

Term: relieving fever

The difference between morning and evening body temperature exceeds 1°C.

Found 13 diseases with symptom Temperature fluctuates, day/evening much more than morning.

possible refinements

body Temperature increased
body Temperature OVER 38 degrees
body Temperature rises to 37-38 degrees periodically

indication of symptom

Prolonged (more than 2 months) temperature rise, continuous or intermittent

symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
acute Pneumonia high 10-14
Purulent meningitis high 6-8 + basic.form
Yersiniosis (septic form) high 18-24
West Nile Fever high 9-12
intestinal tuberculosis high 9-12
Pyelonephritis acute high 12-16
brucellosis acute high 15-20
Leptospirosis high 13-17
Infectious mononucleosis high 19-25
Paratyphoid A, b high 10-13
SAP high 17-23
Trichinosis average 21-28
Adenovirus infection average 10-13


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