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Test for Ectopic Pregnancy

If you suspect a pregnancy, you need to go to the gynecologist. Of course, now there are many tests of different types. They are highly sensitive and show the exact result. However, they do not always give a hundred percent guarantee the correct result. Only a specialist is able to identify with certainty, pregnant or not, and usually only after the examination. However, it is necessary not only to determine the position and also to prevent the development of pathological pregnancy. It is very bad for the woman.

If the pregnancy test is negative and you feel all the symptoms of pregnancy – a specialist simply to run. It’s best to get the survey at the gynecologist and to be quiet.

Need to remind you that even ultrasound in early pregnancy does not always determine the presence of an ectopic pregnancy because the fetus is very small). You can use the test to determine ectopic pregnancy and its causes? Experts to this question give different answers: it is not always shows cannot determine. Whom to believe? Let’s try to understand.

First of all, you need to understand what is a test to determine pregnancy and how it works. All tests are aimed at determining urine specific hormone – HCG. This suggests that the woman has become pregnant. It is located in the placenta and not in the uterus. Therefore, if there is a pregnancy test should show it. And now, about using home test cannot determine whether pathological pregnancy or normal. That’s for these reasons you need to quickly pass the inspection by a specialist, in order to remove this possibility.

Gynecologists say that with the development of ectopic pregnancy the amount of HCG younger than usual. Therefore, the pregnancy tests may not detect this pregnancy. So that was not, but in the absence of menstruation at the right time still need to go to the gynecologist. This should be done if the test is positive, but you have bleeding. The doctor will refer you for an ultrasound with the introduction of the vagina summer residents. And if need be, you have to donate blood.

But there are tests that diagnose pregnancy, as well as recognize the threat of spontaneous abortion or ectopic pregnancy at a very early period. These include test cassette INEXSCREEN. They are used for early detection of the fetus from the time delay period, and for diagnosing the likelihood of pathological pregnancy. This test is built on the lateral flow assay. What is it?

Test for ectopic pregnancyAll tests are based on determining the amount of HCG hormone in female urine. Test INEXSCREEN on ectopic pregnancy determines the ratio of the two isoforms of HCG: intact and modified. In a normal pregnancy in the structure of this hormone is approximately 10% of modified HCG. Pathological pregnancy hormone below 10%, which shows the likelihood of pathology. This test is an innovation, it is very difficult in scientific terms, but easy to use at home. Only we must not forget that the definition of pregnancy can be done immediately after the delay period, but pathological pregnancy test diagnoses two weeks later.

As for reliability, the test is significant at spontaneous abortion by 65%, pathological pregnancy – 90%. And it is worth noting that this high performance.

Test for ectopic pregnancy - fotoSo the test results were the most accurate, you need to follow some rules:

  • Urine should be morning and its need to operate immediately after its receipt. HCG during storage of urine is transformed into another form, and the result may be false;
  • Open the test cassette should be used immediately;
  • Before conducting the test you need to study the instruction;
  • When symptoms such as bleeding, pain in the lower abdomen need regardless of the test result to go to the gynecologist.

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