Test for infertility: for women and men

Many couples there is a situation, when to conceive a child cannot quite some time. If persistent attempts did not yield any result, it is not necessary to wait any longer, you need to consult a specialist and get tested for infertility, which will be able to answer all important questions about conception. The older the age of the intended parents, and the longer they try to conceive a baby – the sooner it needs to be done.

Male test for infertility

Male test for infertility

Male test for infertility

The basic procedure here is the semen. After several days of abstinence from intercourse for men a sample of sperm, which will be analyzed by the total number and activity of sperm, and also check the level of acidity and make the bacteriological test. If research results are not too optimistic, then three months later, the tests are repeated because the sperm quality is often affected by infectious disease or stress.

Sometimes additional analysis of the levels of the hormone testosterone, genetic DNA testing, biopsy of the testicles, immune analysis.

Female tests for infertility

Female tests for infertility• Measured cycle duration and the time of ovulation using the temperature curve.

• Conducted test Cholera testing of both partners, to determine the quality of the cervical mucus, cervical dilatation and analyzed the number and quality of sperm motility.

• Analyzed hormones – measured activity of the pituitary gland and hormone levels (progesterone, prolactin, estradiol).

• Ultrasound examination of the pelvic floor area: for the diagnosis of uterus and ovaries.

• Performed x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

• Examined the uterus, and fallopian tubes using hysteroscopy.

Test infertility – results

Test infertility - resultsLess than 5 percent of all couples are for one reason or another fruitless. All couples who cannot conceive a baby, one way or another belong to this group. Often conceive prevent some difficulties, temporary health problems, which in most cases can be solved. You should not blame only one in failed pregnancy. Even if the analyses show that women have no problems, and have all the ingredients for normal conception, while men, on the contrary, the sperm is not very good quality.

If no positive results for several months of regular sex life – this is a common problem.

If a man and a woman is over 35, with conception should hurry, because the probability of a birth of the baby after the third dozen very greatly reduced, especially in women. Man can boast of the best indicators of sperm approximately 28-30 years. Also important parameters such as the quality of women’s cervical mucus, activity and sperm motility. Many urologists to improve the quality of male sperm prescribe the drug “Speman or other analogues improves the blood circulation in the pelvic organs. A great role is also played by psychological factors and the level of emotional stability.

We must remember that bad habits do not contribute to the conception, even if other parameters are within normal limits. Alcohol, Smoking, unbalanced diet – all these are obstacles to the birth of a healthy and happy child.

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