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When the egg and sperm meets together to form a new body, there is a process of formation and development of the fetus. And is laid next the placenta. Already from the first days of pregnancy, HCG is produced is a specific hormone, which allows to determine the pregnancy at an early stage. HCG blocks the production in order to avoid secondary fertilization. On his “calculation” built all tests to diagnose pregnancy. The most affordable and simplest of them is the test strips that you can buy in any pharmacy. They provide an opportunity to diagnose pregnancy during menstruation. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

How to use pregnancy testTo use this test you need to lower the bar for a couple of seconds in the amount of urine, then it is put on a flat surface and in five minutes you can assess the result. One bar indicates the absence of pregnancy, two – confirms it. How does it work?

The test strip is equipped with a special substance that reacts on HCG color change. The technology is very simple, what you see on the price. However, experts claim that the wait for the correctness of such tests it is not necessary today. The probability of an incorrect result, the test strip lot: if not by the rules of the test, an error may occur. On the correctness of the result is also influenced by storage conditions and maintaining the technology. Also, the carrier reagent is plain paper, and it can lead to incorrect results. Yes and urine loses attractiveness of this method.

How to use pregnancy test stripsTherefore, experts recommend still to go to the gynecologist. There is a very high quality tests for diagnosis of pregnancy, are intended only for use in medical practice. They are not in sales and is only available for clinics. In addition, in Western countries at the pharmacy, it is difficult to find a test strip for pregnancy.

But, a large number of women are using cheap and simple test strips. If you are among those women, then remember that you should try to properly carry out the procedure. There is no difficulty as to each test there is a detailed instruction. And yet, for maximum accuracy you need to know when to take a home pregnancy test.

Many forms of release strip tests, and their price is very low. Here are some tests: pregnancy test Frautest, Evitest, Test for Best, Happy Test, Bona Answer, My secret, Secret, Nouwelle, BabyCheck, Mrs, Bee-Sure-S, HomeTest, Itest.

Don’t forget that the application of the test is not a substitute for medical appointments. And no matter what the outcome of the test. In any case we have to go to the gynecologist.

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