Pregnancy test

The accuracy of pregnancy test – wrong test or not

The popularity of tests to determine pregnancy among women is very stable and great. And that’s okay, because you can do at home. And it is completely anonymous. This method of diagnosis of pregnancy reliable, inexpensive, accessible, simple and convenient. The accuracy of the tests is very high.

But despite all the benefits, pregnancy test can be wrong, namely, to give false negative or false positive result. In addition, it happens quite often. Therefore, experts advise not to trust fully in home tests, and when suspicions immediately to go to the gynecologist.

There are many causes of erroneous test result:
The accuracy of pregnancy test – wrong test or notStrongly dilutes the urine copious fluid intake. And it strongly influences the test. So you don’t need to drink a lot of fluids before testing.
The test can show the presence of pregnancy, when it is actually in no cases taking medicines that contain HCG. This drugs such as Profasi, Pregna. After taking such drugs you need to wait fourteen days, otherwise the result will be false.
Incorrect result may be a case of some diseases. For example, a negative kidney disease, positive, with the development of diseases of the reproductive system.
When you remove an ectopic pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage HCG not just from the female body disappears, so the tests can give false positive results.

Early negative result is possible in the development of pathological pregnancy.
Small gestational age.
The use of stale urine.
Improper use of the test system.
Violation of storage conditions.
The test can be stitched.
The test can be of poor quality.

Through all of this, you need to constantly re-do the test after four days. Of course, this method of determination is not a substitute for examination by a gynecologist, who need to go, regardless of the test results, if menstruation has not occurred. Tests cannot be trusted 100%, in order not to be disappointed. Remember, mistakes can always be.

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