Pregnancy test

The accuracy of pregnancy tests

A few days of menstruation and in the mind of women raises the question of pregnancy. What to do? To go to a gynecologist or trust home a pregnancy test? Of course, to go to the pharmacy for the test is much faster and easier. However, always do two strips is reliable result?

Trust drugstore tests you want and goes until, when they will hold to a false trail. Learn about pregnancy or disappointed with the beginning of the emergency period, you will agree that the time is not pleasant.

Why some pregnancy tests give accurate results only in the first days of fertilization, and many do not work? There are many reasons. For example, the test is carried out very early or wrong, has deteriorated due to improper storage or expiration date.

The test shows pregnancy, if the woman is taking diuretics, have heart disease or kidney disease. All this affects the allocation of a special hormone in the urine. Testing will not show ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, if you experience symptoms of maternity, please refer to the gynecologist. Don’t wait for the Your period return analysis of urine and blood. They will help to determine pregnancy in a couple of days after fertilization.

The accuracy of pregnancy testsDon’t forget that hormonal changes in the female body shows itself in approximately fourteen days after conception. And pregnancy tests based on the determination of human chorionic gonadotropin. He is being produced in a woman’s body immediately after fertilization. Very rarely, this hormone is produced by the tumor. As a result the woman will also receive a positive test result. The test result is affected by hormonal drugs containing HCG. But other drugs not distort the results. Drugs and alcohol also affect reliability.

Today, when mass production and pregnancy tests, many of them are poor. Previously, the experts recommended that such testing. But today prefer only medical view.

To verify the result, you can enjoy many tests from various famous manufacturers. Also, pay attention to the message body. First of all, pregnancy rates are obaluaye and a small breast augmentation, delay menstruation, as well as increased temperature, increased frequency of urination. Also the symptoms will be the desire to taste sour or salty, change of appetite, tendency to fatigue, irritability, vomiting and morning sickness.

However, even these symptoms can not give 100% guarantee of pregnancy. Because they are observed before the onset of menstruation or are present

in the psychological attitude to pregnancy.

Besides a missed period can be caused by physical activity, diet, travel, medication, illness, relocation, stress.

And yet, if you want to check its status by means of tests, because it is convenient, fast and cheap and, more importantly, completely anonymously, you should spend it correctly.

What are the pregnancy tests - types of testsReliability tests beremennosti hurry, wait for the delay. Buy pharmacy test, pay attention to the date when it was released. Don’t be fooled by the brand, because the principle of operation of all the tests exactly the same. To enhance the accuracy of the evening do not drink plenty of fluids and avoid diuretics.

Read the user manual carefully. If you have questions, call the consultant toll free number that is listed on the packaging.

For testing use only and morning urine. It will lower the bar to a certain level for a couple of seconds. If you will perform all the instructions, the accuracy of the test is guaranteed at 99%.

Whatever the outcome, remember that the baby is a gift and an amazing pregnancy miracle on earth.

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