The basic principles of ovulation

Standard signs of ovulation in the medical environment are divided into two separate groups. As a rule, to those that simply help the woman to warn her about the approaching full ovulation and the onset of the most favorable time to successfully conceive a baby. And as for those that simply signals the woman about the end of the ovulation. We, women, as a rule, it is easy to see or notice these symptoms, if, of course, in time to wish to draw your attention on them.

After all, these are the signs we absolutely will be able to control as safe for pregnancy days or, on the contrary, will be able to significantly increase your chances of successfully conceiving a baby. Later in this article we will try to examine in detail the main features of reaching full of ovulation, which, as a rule, are almost every woman of reproductive age.

Main signs of ovulation in women

Basic principles of ovulationSome change in the structure of secretions
As a rule, with the approach of ovulation, many women were able to note the fact that both the total amount and consistency secreted from the vaginal mucus varies greatly. Most often, the discharge becomes more abundant, and even the consistency of any real changes. The change of the discharge comes from the consistency of watery and comes to normal consistency of egg white. And besides, this mucus becomes quite viscous, that if desired it can be stretched, pre-clutching between his fingers.

Sharp increase libido women
The sharp increase libido, usually occurs a few days before ovulation. We can say that the very nature of the mother prepares the female body for possible conception of new life. Rather the nature intentionally so designed that the human race never stopped, because if a woman will seek at this time to have sexual intercourse, the chance of successful conception increases sharply.

Some changes in basal body temperature
As a rule, with the approach of reaching full of ovulation varies somewhat basal body temperature of the woman. So it rises just a few tenths of one degree, in the period of ovulation. Such a “leap” basal temperature, first of all, may be caused by our pregnancy hormone progesterone, the total of which during ovulation, and immediately after it, greatly increases.

Changes of the cervix in women
According to the specialists, with the approach of the full ovulation the cervix of the woman rises a little, or rather, it occupies a position above its normal position, it becomes even softer and even offer much that it is also necessary for a successful process of the conception.

Chest Pain
Quite often during ovulation women may complain of not quite normal, and not always pleasant chest pain. And as you know, this excessive sensitivity may be caused, in the first place, certain hormonal surge occurring at the same time in the body of every woman. And thus, your body is just preparing for a possible potential conception and subsequent pregnancy.

Specific abdominal pain (directly in the ovary)
It should be noted that some women in the period of ovulation may experience moderate, not always acceptable nagging pain somewhere in the lower abdomen. And most often this pain occur only on one side of your stomach and usually lasts a similar sensation from just a few minutes and up to several days in a row. Such pain usually can be caused by a full release of an egg from your ovary, or rather the rupture of the follicle.

Some changes in the level of hormones in the blood or in urine
Typically, the pregnancy hormone contributes actively to stimulate the ovaries to the full-fledged release of a Mature egg. Actually that is why, in the period of ovulation production of this hormone is always greatly increased. And in order to be able to promptly determine the increase of the so-called luteinizing hormone directly into the blood of women use the standard pharmacy tests to determine ovulation.

Some bloating
Many of the women during the onset of full-fledged ovulation is noted in a significant increase in unpleasant bloating, and even the strongest flatulence. It should, however, be noted that this is a sign of ovulation can also tell you about what exactly you will need to change your daily diet towards healthy and balanced nutrition.

Some aggravation taste and other receptors
Note that some hormonal change during ovulation able to sharpen as the sense of smell, so actually shared the taste buds of the woman. It should be noted that these symptoms may actually observed, not all young women, but, nevertheless, very many, are the place to be.

And as a conclusion coming from the foregoing, we clearly found that the signs of the real onset of full ovulation pretty much that of course really allows us to control the time favorable for conception the unborn child or Vice versa – in order to prevent unwanted at the moment the pregnancy.

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