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The child has a stomach ache

For children characterized by abdominal pain, regardless of their age. Most small children who don’t have a year, often suffer due to accumulated gases in the intestine or colic. They become restless, legs buckled and cry. The cause of abdominal pain in infants is still imperfect enzymatic system and dysbiosis.

The older kids cause of abdominal pain is often the presence of parasitic organisms (worms) that cause bowel dysfunction. It is very difficult to determine the place of dislocation pain in children at this age, because they are often unable to specify the exact location of abdominal pain.

A little easier to understand, in what area of a stomach ache in children of school age. They can clearly show where it hurts.


Abdominal pain is different and can carry a big threat to the life of the baby. One of the most dangerous species is the pain caused by pancreatitis or peritonitis. The sensations are so severe that the child is unable to move. In addition to General poor health, increased body temperature and severe vomiting occurs. Thus abdominal muscles highly strained. Unfortunately, the child cannot be given painkillers until the arrival of the doctor, because the doctor would be difficult to determine the true cause of abdominal pain, when it begins to act drugs.

Very often the occurrence of abdominal pain caused by the Appendix (the Appendix of the cecum). It is inflamed, when it falls and accumulates food. It is a common illness in children over 6 years, but in rare cases it is and in children younger.

To independently diagnose appendicitis in the early stages is difficult because it is not always accompanied by pain in the lower right corner of the abdomen. Mild discomfort may occur in the navel area or even at the top left. Over time the pain only increases and raises the temperature. The child becomes less active, decreased appetite, or even the baby refuses food. Sometimes there is vomiting. To linger in such a dangerous situation can not be — necessary doctor.

In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, or infection of the child’s perception of pain is periodic in nature. Diarrhea can also cause discomfort. It occurs due to the ingestion of intestinal flu, and sometimes because of parasitic organisms. It is very important with this diagnosis is that the child drank as much fluid to prevent dehydration.
The signs of diarrhea in children:

  • stomach cramps;
  • loose stools, which may be mixed with blood and mucus;
  • nausea and vomiting
  • fever or chills;
  • headache.

But constipation cause pain, usually in the stomach area. The child a few days do not attend the toilet or stool dry and hard. The restroom is painful and stool is sometimes mixed with blood.

Very often abdominal pain in children cause worms. This disease is accompanied by vomiting, loss of appetite. At night, the child does not sleep and was gritting his teeth. Worms can sometimes be seen in the stool of the baby.

When a child complains of a sharp pain in the abdomen, throwing up, and the chair becomes a liquid — perhaps the child has been poisoned. If you are confident in this diagnosis, to help the child, it is necessary to empty the stomach, causing vomiting several times. Avoid dehydration and “undermining” of the stomach should give the baby boiled water. You need to drink often, but gradually.

The emotional state of the baby can also provoke pain in the abdomen. Does it have one of the above diseases. Abdominal cramps are caused by fright or other emotional shock. This pain is called neurotic. If the doctor did not reveal the causes of the arising of pain, do not think that the child is faking. In this situation, you should consult a neurologist or psychologist.

Pain in the abdomen in children occurs for different reasons, and usually it is caused by various diseases: appendicitis, infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, inguinal hernia, urinary tract infections, pancreatitis, hepatitis, and more.

Therefore, if your child complains of persistent abdominal pain, especially if pain is acute, it is necessary to consult a doctor and not to self-medicate. The main thing is not to eliminate pain and to get rid of a lesion that provokes her. Only after the examination, the doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.


To identify the causes of stomach pain doctors prescribe such tests as:

  • coprogram;
  • microbiological analysis of feces;
  • the study of the gastro-intestinal tract with the help of radiology
  • EGD
  • ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity.

For diagnosing the doctor all the necessary data: the presence of vomiting, temperature, nature of pain and the results. If the doctor considers that the data of physical examination is not satisfactory, then prescribe additional tests of blood or urine. In addition to these tests can be administered to the gastrointestinal tract with the help of a sonographer, endoscopy or barium studies.

Sometimes it is difficult to determine the true cause why the child is constantly sick to my stomach, and then the doctor may recommend hospitalization.


TREATMENT of PAINFUL SENSATIONS IN the ABDOMEN IN CHILDRENOften to eliminate pain in the abdomen of the child’s parents are able to independently. This applies to those cases where, in addition to mild pain, no other serious symptoms like vomiting or fever. Usually, pain caused by excessive gas, and it runs for 2 hours, after the child in the toilet. In this situation there is no need to call a doctor, the child can help parents. The child is required to reassure and to feed the liquid food. Without a doctor’s guidance cannot be given painkillers, put an enema or give a laxative. After the child gets empty and out of Gaza, the pain will pass. When causes of pain in the child are constipation, should be added to the diet foods such as apricots, raw vegetables, salad and apples.

When the pain caused by diarrhea, the child needs to give more fluids. If diarrhea is accompanied by frequent vomiting, then the water should be given in small doses, but often, and be sure to call the doctor.

Neurotic pain that occur in the stomach, can be removed with the help of Valerian or motherwort. Before bedtime is recommended to drink warm milk with honey (if not allergic). To relieve psychological stress, which causes pain, the child should get out more, take a contrast shower, to reduce TV viewing, not be allowed to play computer games before bedtime. With this disease need to consult a doctor and always have to ensure that there were no other symptoms that can be caused by another reason.


Alone can give medications only in case if the parents are sure that the discomfort caused by poisoning or diarrhea. To maintain the normal balance of substances in the body, is required to perform them (diarrhea). For this is good “Rehydron” or “Gastroline”. But this treatment doesn’t have to end, especially if your child often have such symptoms. The physician must determine the true cause of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and prescribe treatment.

When a child is sick and there are all the signs of poisoning, call an ambulance. Until that moment, how come the doctor, the baby can be given adsorbing drugs that absorb toxic substances: “Smectite”, “Polyphepanum”, “Enterodez”, “charcoal”, “POLYSORB”.

To avoid parasites (worms), it is necessary to follow the General hygiene and once a year for preventive treatment.

There are many folk remedies for removing unpleasant sensations in the stomach, but these should be used after consultation with a specialist after the diagnosis. Often doctors themselves prescribe instead of drugs herbs, which not only relieve pain, but also contribute to solving the problem of its origin.

A decoction of chamomile well warms the intestines and relieves spasms that may occur in children after eating. Take chamomile is recommended for constipation. The intestines begin to function normally, you want to eat blueberries or gooseberries.

When the pain in my stomach caused by diarrhea, folk medicine recommends a decoction of the peel of pomegranate. It is completely harmless remedy.

If the child suffers from parasitic organisms, then give him carrot juice (PCP). The diet must include the garlic. Withdraw parasites better not folk remedies and modern medicines. Most often doctors recommend “a Worm” and “Pyrantel”.

If you have the slightest doubt about what caused the pain in the child, be sure to contact your doctor. Timely qualified help can sometimes be very necessary.

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