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The child is often a headache

Generally, the child begins to complain to parents on pain in the head from about 4-5 years of age, once you learn how to more accurately show the place of pain and to describe their discomfort. In children younger people report headaches can be guessed only by circumstantial evidence (for Example by their behavior).
If your child is often a headache – it requires special attention of parents, because the kids are still not sure how to Express their complaints, and their health may be greatly diminished.

Headache in children a little differently than adults:
headaches are shorter than adults;
headache is often accompanied by pain in the abdomen;
headache on both sides;

Modern medicine has over 160 different varieties of pain in the head. But nevertheless, the mechanism of its development in many varieties are often similar. The problem with headaches is the subject of various medical fields, as they are connected can be with any systems and processes in the body.
Sometimes to pinpoint the reason the child has headache difficult even for experienced professionals, as it requires careful consideration of various factors. But until you clear the cause of this disease, it will be difficult to do.

What tests need to pass to the child when the pain in his head

1. Consultation ophthalmologist. A specialist will determine the child’s blood supply to the eye, the visual acuity will determine the field of view.
2. The baby measured pressure (in the normal state and in the presence of a headache).
3. The ENT consultation. ENT will assess the condition of the sinuses (diseases of ENT-organs, may be the reason that the child has a headache).
4. The study of blood (KLA General blood analysis and biochemical analysis of blood)
5. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) study in this unit will help to exclude disorders of blood vessels and the presence of tumors.

Many parents are not very worried if the pain is in the mind of a child with increased intracranial pressure.

Headaches with increased intracranial pressure have a number of features:

1. Headaches bothering the baby most often in the morning, immediately after waking.
2. Headaches manifest themselves stronger in any, even not large, the voltage of the child (cough, tweenie on the potty, from violent games).
3. In the short period of time headaches are progressing.
4. Hypertensive pain in my head manifest themselves atypical (if up to this time the patient had experienced pain).
5. If the child has a headache associated with increased intracranial pressure, soon the baby will be other symptoms (nausea, vomiting, fever, etc.).

All of these listed symptoms or some of them require a thorough examination of the child. Additional diagnostics on the devices (MRI,RCU) that would eliminate the different brain pathology.

Why your child has a headache?

Why your child has a headache1. The child may have a headache due to the fact that he was taking any medication. When to suspect whether the pain in my head with taking drugs? If the pain in the head coincides with the reception of a medicinal product, and if you cancel the medication disappears.
2. Headaches the baby can occur because of the glut of his body of refined and chemical foods – crackers, chips, chocolate bars and other junk food. This is because in such products increased content of sodium chloride and nitrate, and these substances have a particularly pronounced asdociation action. If the crumbs in the diet is always present products fast food – this not only causes pain in the head, but the feeling of heat, redness of skin, feeling the tides.
3. The various air pollution emissions of industrial production and the exhaust gases can cause frequent headaches in children. Note the place where You live (can be your home near an industrial plant or near highway).
4. For tumors in the brain of a child is not always a bad headache, or headaches can be completely absent if the tumor is not growing rapidly.
With such a terrifying disease, such as meningitis (inflammation of the brain) headache accompanied by a strong tension of the muscles of the neck, tilting the head back, sharply increased body temperature, there is sutanati consciousness.
5. With frequent use of analgesics headache may increase, there is a feeling that the head never stops hurting at all. Conceived abusing drugs against pain people with increased anxiety. Why not give the children the right pill at the first signs of a headache.

What to do if your child has a headache:

The baby should immediately lie down and stay in a quiet and peaceful setting. You can take a shower (especially useful for high blood pressure) or make a hot bath for the feet.
Put on the temples and forehead with a damp cool cloth.
Offer the kid glycine (this is the so-called vitamin for the brain). Let the child remove 1-2 tablets under the tongue, it will reduce vasospasm.
Make your baby a gentle massage of neck, shoulders, and neck.
For specific drug treatments refer only to the specialists, because the medication can only aggravate the disease.

Prevention of headaches in a child:

Limit the amount of baby food products such as crisps, chocolate, nuts, oranges, cheese, because they contain large amounts of tyramine. Tyramine has the property of narrowing of the blood vessels, which leads to headaches.
If your child is often a headache, use in the room dim, dim light. White color can cause headaches.
Children with frequent headaches recommended water treatments, massage and igloreflexoterapia.
Favorable colors are pastel shades, in particular a pale green color.

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