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The chills are replaced by heat and then sweating, and this is repeated

Term: Cyclic fever

Found 6 disease symptom & nbsp;Chills replaced by fever, and then sweating again

possible clasifications of the symptom

body Temperature increased
body Temperature OVER 38 degrees
bouts of fever every second day (day after day) and start at 1 half day
fever Attack lasts 5-8 hours
fever Attacks-every third day (two to three), starting around noon
fever Attack-about 13 <
irregular attacks of fever, at least 12 hours
Irregular fever
mosquito Bites 20 days-5<

indication of symptom

sweating (not related to exercise or heat)

symptom of disease

Name Threat Qty – <
Septic variant of generalized salmonellosis high 10-13
Visceral leishmaniasis high 19-26
Cyclic (malaria) fever (syndrome) high 3-5
Yersiniosis (septic form) high 18-24
Malaria high 9-11
Spirillosis low 8-11

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