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The Definition of Pregnancy with Baking Soda

About pregnancy test with baking soda write a lot on the Internet. However, women do not stop rapidly to discuss, to try for yourself, to comment, to look for something new. Interestingly, many argue that it is complete nonsense that the method is old and uninteresting, offend the authors of such messages on blogs and forums. However, do not stop going on similar topics, to read, to add their comments.

We are not saying anything bad. If you’re on this page, went – then you interesting. Will try to satisfy your interest.

How to determine using Baking Soda pregnancy?

The method is very simple, however, remember that this is a popular way to determine pregnancy and there is nothing in common with the true diagnosis. If the results match, it proves nothing.

But who cares, here’s the recipe:

In a clean container collect morning urine. Half a Cup is enough. Then stir into it a little soda and watch the reaction: if soda precipitates – you are pregnant if the hissing says that pregnancy is not present. Even this test should be performed on the urine of the morning. And the thing is that on an empty stomach in the morning the pH is very low and the test will be more reliable.

Now let’s talk about acidic urine.

What is the principle of determining pregnancy Baking Soda

It is no secret that the urine is life the product of each person. Together with urine from the body are water-soluble substances. Also, the composition of the urine depends on several factors.

Among the different indicators of urine need to pay attention to its pH. That is, it may be more alkaline or more acidic.

Ideally, human urine slightly acidic or neutral pH of at least 4.5 and up to a maximum of 8. However, under the influence of some factors and depending on many reasons, the acidity of urine can vary. It should be understood that if the pH of urine is reduced, it becomes more acidic if the performance increase is more alkaline.

The acidity of the urine primarily depends on the pH of the blood, body temperature, physical state, from the state of urination, and human nutrition.

To increase the pH-level:

  • The definition of pregnancy with sodaalkaline therapy;
  • hematuria;
  • respiratory alkalosis;
  • metabolic alkalosis;
  • renal failure;
  • syndrome Milkman and Fanconi’s syndrome, renal tubular acidosis;
  • urinary tract infection;
  • prevalence in the diet of fruits and vegetables.

Lower pH-level:

  • tuberculosis of the kidneys;
  • physical exhaustion;
  • respiratory acidosis;
  • metabolic alkalosis;
  • diabetes;
  • fever;
  • starvation;
  • prevalence of eating animal protein, drinking large amounts of cranberry.

The definition of pregnancy with sodaIn addition, bacterial diseases of urinary channels can change the acidity of urine. Such monitoring during pregnancy is normal. But pregnancy does not affect the degree of pH of urine.

Also, the reaction of the urine on the baking soda directly depends on the degree of acidity at this point. Will soda to precipitate and hiss – hardly depends on fertilization.

This method of determining pregnancy can only be called entertainment. Buy pharmacy test today is not difficult, and if you live far from civilization, and, in addition, regular soda nothing fully expects this method is not worth it.

However, this method does not bring any harm. And you can try. There is no crime.

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