The eye infections in newborns

The infections in newborns is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. The infections has sharp and purulent infectious and has a beginning. Most often this disease is caused gonococcus, less frequently, pneumococcus, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, chlamydia.

How does the infection conjunctivitis
How does the infection conjunctivitisMost often, children become infected when passing through the birth canal of a mother, a patient with gonorrhea. It is also possible infection immediately after birth. The source of infection, in this case, will be unclean hands, linen, water. The failure of asepsis and antisepsis increases the likelihood of infections in the newborn. When early opening of the fetal bladder, duty waterless period, prolonged delivery, you receive the possibility of intrauterine infection. In such a situation, the child is born with infections. Of course, now this unpleasant ailment occurs not so often due to good prevention, but still quite relevant.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis in newborns

Symptoms of conjunctivitis in newbornsThe incubation period takes from several hours to a couple days. Amazed when infections are usually both eyes of a child. At the beginning of the disease red conjunctiva of the eye, which, when touched begins to bleed, can be a selection in a small amount. Eyelids swollen, tight. Newborn eye when viewed open with difficulty.

Inflammation of the eyes of newborn

On the third day from the onset of the disease forever in the eyes of the newborn becomes a little softer, a little swelling subsides. When the eye starts continuously and in large numbers to stand out thick purulent secret that will bond eyelids, down on the child’s face. The duration of this period of 24-48 hours.

Purulent period. Gnetaceae from inflamed eyes in this period reaches its maximum. The eyelids become even softer, but they stuck together because of the large quantity of pus. The duration is from three days to two weeks.

Period papillary hypertrophy. In this period already reduced the amount of pus, it becomes not so thick, takes more serous in nature. The conjunctiva appear proliferation and folds, it gradually acquires a healthy appearance. The period ranges from two to four weeks.

Complications of conjunctivitis in newborns

Complications of conjunctivitis in newbornsThe most severe complication infections of newborns is involvement in the process of infection of the cornea. This usually occurs during the peak period of sickness. In the result of infection and trophic disorders of the cornea becomes dull, on its surface appears infiltration, which was soon converted into an ulcer. If successful, inflammation of the eye and the cornea is only a small surface spots. Under unfavorable for the process progresses, eventually the cornea may remain a thorn.

Treatment of conjunctivitis in newborns
The most effective treatment is antibiotics and sulfa drugs. Antibiotics are usually used penicillins. They appoint the child intramuscularly, also buried in the eye after washing isotonic.

Prevention of conjunctivitis
At present almost all over the world prophylaxis of infections became mandatory. After birth the baby is treated eyes with a cotton swab and buried 1-2 % solution of silver nitrate.

And, of course, do not forget about a thorough examination of women during pregnancy, as well as timely treatment of gonorrhoea. All this will help to eliminate the possibility of infection of the newborn.

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