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The hardening of the child

Tempering is a great way to protect your child from flu, colds and other infectious diseases, to ensure a good sleep and appetite, and the ability to help the child grow strong and vigorous.

Try not to “coddle” the child. Healthy child moves a lot, he has good heat transfer, and 19-22 degrees in the house for him – a comfortable temperature. A child in the street need to dress warmly, but not too much. Make sure that the child is not sweating on the street – it is an indication that he was too much wrapped up.

Often powerelite all the rooms. If the child is healthy, in the warmer months it is better to sleep with an open window or vent, in winter to ventilate the room before going to sleep for 15 minutes.

To start hardening child at any age, but only when he’s completely healthy. Tempering procedure need to carry out is always very gradually, starting with a comfortable temperature and gradually lowering the temperature. It is better if you’ll also be hardened together with the child. Looking at your joyful response to cold perfusion or contrast shower, the child will not be afraid and more willing to agree to try.

For starters suitable air baths (described above) and a contrast shower. First you put the baby or, better, get with it themselves under the warm water, warm baby feet, palms and back. Then you arrange the drizzle: pour the feet, hands and very quickly – the collar area with cold water and – again under a hot shower. Then again short cold douche. And so up to three times. Always start the procedure with the warming, and finish cold stream of water. After the procedure, vigorously RUB the baby with a towel and put it on him.

This procedure has a stimulating effect, so it is better to do this morning, but in any case not immediately before bedtime. Try to keep the child pleased. First, in no case do not turn very cold water, just cool. Don’t scare him, don’t insist if the child is afraid not to make the tempering in a stressful situation. Try to come up with a game form procedures and participate in it together with the child. The child is always looking for parents and often copy their behavior. Even if at first the child was frightened and didn’t like it, continue to carry out the procedure themselves, gradually he will get used to them and appreciate your cheerful and want to try again.

After a contrast shower, when the child will cease to be afraid of cold water, you can move on to the perfusion with cold water. As always, gradually reduce the water temperature. Immediately after pouring pound baby towel and put it on him. Pouring should not take more than 3-4 minutes.

Water treatment for the child

Water treatment for the childVery well, when a child in the summer there is the opportunity to run barefoot, especially in the morning. A remarkable effect of hardening has walking barefoot in the dew. It is also recommended that swimming in the river, lake, pond.

You can throw the kids on the street, preferably in the morning. Put the child barefoot on the grass and quickly pour out of the bowl, then wrap in a large towel, RUB and wear. Remember, the pouring should be short and to arouse pleasant emotions. Many kids love to pour and agree on the cold douche on the street, even in winter. But such procedures can only be performed with the already well-tempered child.

Child and sauna

Sauna – a wonderful and tempering treatment. However, before the first bath is best to consult a doctor. Contraindications for the bath are hypertension high degree or hypotension, severe kidney damage, and nervous system, especially increased intracranial pressure, heart disease, lungs, and bronchi.

Tempering effect based on contrast cycle: heating, cooling, rest. Under the inuence of heat, expands blood vessels, and upon cooling they shrink. This is a great workout for the body. But we should not forget the rule: to bathe and take a cold shower time need two times less than the rest.

When visiting bath, parents should carefully observe the child: if the child turned pale, became lethargic, if he complains or protests immediately removes it from steam.

First time may lead the baby to the bath at the age of 3 years. There are two options Bani: dry (Finnish) and steam (USA). The sauna temperature is high there is better tolerated. The fact is, that in the United States bath temperature in the steam room reaches 55-60°C and the humidity is 70-90%. In sauna the air is heated to 70-90°C but the humidity is not higher than 10-15%. So often in the sauna, the child feels better than in the Europe bath. But the choice depends on what’s more narvi you and your child.

In the sauna you can begin with a visit to the steam room for 5-6 minutes. After a few visits you can soar child for about 10 minutes. Remember that the sauna to the steam room are dry, and in the Europe bath need to pre-wash the baby with warm water on your head, wear a hat to protect from overheating.

Never strain the child more than 10 minutes. Then drench the child with cool water (this will take 5-10 minutes) and about 20 minutes to take on vacation. Thereafter, if desired, a “session” can be repeated if the child is already big. If the baby is in the bath the first time shouldn’t be with him in the steam room for more than 3-4 minutes. And enough one pass.

The newcomer in no event it is impossible to pour cold water: for him it will be a real shock for a long time and will kill the desire to go to the bath. Use warm water, lowering its temperature gradually. Already accustomed to the bath and quenched children in the winter after the sauna instead of a cold shower to wipe off the snow.

For a bath you can prepare various herbal teas. For air disinfection take mint leaves, sage, thyme and eucalyptus. To improve breathing, use dry leaves of Linden, oak, birch, marjoram and thyme. Thyme, mint, oregano, chamomile, birch buds and fresh spruce needles affect the child soothingly. Tonic collecting herbs, use dried poplar buds, tansy flowers, dried leaves of sweet grass. If you are preparing infusions in advance, store them in the refrigerator, but not more than two or three days.

With all the recommendations of the bath will be an effective and enjoyable training (and relaxing) the procedure that will love your children.

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