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Baby food

The mix to feed the baby

The best food for newborns is breast milk. Therefore, pediatricians unanimously recommend new moms to breastfeed. But things happen in life. And if for some objective or subjective reasons, the mother decides to transfer the child to a mixed or artificial feeding, before it gets the inevitable question of choice infant formula.

In pharmacies or specialized children’s stores the mix to feed the baby 1(better to buy a mixture that is where you will see dozens of cans and boxes. To understand all the intricacies you have carefully read the information on the packaging.

Mixture Adapted and partially adapted formulas
Mixture Adapted and partially adapted formulasThe membership of the first maximum (possible) close to women’s breast milk for protein, carbohydrate, fat components as well as the content of vitamins and minerals. They are ideal for newborn babies. Age grading is usually indicated on the packaging: it’s either the inscription “from 0 to 6 months,” “6 to 12”, etc., or the numbers 1, 2, 3 at the end of the name (Nan – 1, Agusha – 1, etc.). Unity is designed for feeding babies from birth, two – 6 months, three – on-year.

Partially adapted formulas are not recommended to give babies under one year. They are not completely balanced composition, used lactose, sucrose and starch. Such mixtures are cheaper.

Blends are sold in powder form or already divorced, portion, ready to eat. The first option is more economical.

By the way, even mothers with babies it is better to buy a jar of the mixture “just in case”. In circumstances of force majeure, you don’t have the headlong rush to the pharmacy, and if the mixture is not necessary, on the Internet you can find recipes for pancakes or truffles.

Physiological and therapeutic mix
Physiological, that is the usual mixture used for feeding the child, not having problems with digestion, allergies and other troubles.

Healing, as the name implies, designed to correct problems associated with digestion or absorption of food components. To appoint such mixtures should doctor: giving their child “just in case” or “prevention”, you will not benefit and may even harm.

Therapeutic compounds include:
Lactose-free formula and low lactose mixture. Shown for diet kids with lactose intolerance or Allergy to cow’s milk. They are created with soy, goat’s milk or hydrolyzed proteins.

Mixture to prevent vomiting, constipation, intestinal colic. Are created on the basis of a full milk diet, but with the addition of natural dietary fiber, thickening it.

A mixture of bifidobacteria. Assigned to children with defecation disorders, intestinal infections, disbacteriosis. Includes beneficial bacteria contribute to the normalization of intestinal microflora.

For premature babies and babies with low birth weight (less than 2 kg, 500 grams) shows a special mixture they can “learn” the prefix “Pre”: “Pre Nutrilon”, “Hipp Pre” or labels “for premature babies”. Such mixtures have a minimum load on immature metabolic system of the child with a maximum intake of necessary nutrients.

There are special meals for children with congenital diseases, such as phenylketonuria or celiac disease.

What formula to choose for child diet

What formula to choose for child dietHow to understand that a mixture is not good for the baby? Experts advise to pay attention to the following signs:
• little or, conversely, excessive weight gain;
• bloating, colic;
• problems with defecation: constipation, unpleasant odor or unusual color, liquid frequent stools with undigested white lumps;
• rash or redness individual parts of the skin;
• frequent vomiting;
• bouts of bitter weeping immediately after feeding;
• the feeling that the child is not enough: shortly after feeding he’s worried, behaving as if hungry and calms down only after supplemental foods.

Any of these items may indicate that a mixture of the child. Of course, not necessary to change the manufacturer after the first vomiting: observe the child and, if the problems persist or become worse, contact your pediatrician. You may have to be tested on the basis of which the doctor will recommend another option.

Remember, every child is unique, and this reaction can be any mixture. By the way, as practice shows, the most expensive “jar” is not always the most suitable for the child. And “the right” may well be a reasonable mix of domestic producers. Because it, unlike with a hefty price tag, does not cause any allergies or stomach upsets. And if you find something that suits your child and you, the search can terminate.

This is important!
• Cereal decoctions, cow and goat milk, yogurt and other “old wives alternatives” mixtures can very seriously harm the child. Don’t risk it!
• Cannot connect different mix in one bottle, and without appointing a pediatrician to alternate between them. The child’s body will be difficult to adopt such a “cocktail”. In addition, there is a risk to get a deficiency or excess of vitamins, fats and other things.
• Strictly follow the dosage: the desire to make the food “thicker and more nourishing by increasing the portions of the powder may lead to digestive disorders, allergies, and other problems.
• Do not leave the mixture for later, food for the baby should be freshly prepared.

Bon appetit for your kid.

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