Pregnancy test

The most accurate pregnancy test

Every woman preparing to conceive, wondering what test for pregnancy use. Because timely diagnosis of pregnancy should be conducted. To an unborn baby to take care and pass all sorts of negative factors.
To say which test is the most effective and accurate, it is very difficult. There is no test that would have an absolute guarantee. Therefore, the most reliable test for pregnancy is ultrasound and checkup. In the presence of pregnancy, the HCG level will significantly increase. Its level is increased in the urine – this hormone react all the pregnancy tests. But, the concentration of this hormone in the urine increases only after pregnancy. As a result, during early pregnancy tests cannot detect pregnancy. But in the blood level of HCG increases immediately after fertilization. Therefore, a blood test can detect pregnancy on the first day of conception.

The most accurate pregnancy testRegarding home tests to determine pregnancy, it is today very much. There are test strips, and jet, and tablet. To get the correct result, you must strictly adhere to the instructions, this especially applies to the test strip.

Conventional test strip is very simple and cheap, so there is a high probability of a false result. To conduct the test, should the strip be lowered to a specified level in a container with urine and hold for five seconds. Then observe the result, it can be seen already at 3 minutes. The reagent reacts to the presence or absence of HCG in the urine, so there is one or two strips. Such a test may not accurately respond if strip in the urine overtime or nethergate, and if the urine is not morning.

Tablet test more accurate. In it, the strip is lowered into the liquid reservoir only tip. Then the urine rises up yourself and reacts with the reagent.

The most accurate and efficient inkjet test. He and reliable and convenient. It can be night and day. Only to get a more correct result, it is recommended from urination to abstain for at least four hours.

Still have blue test is a small wand that is inserted into the vagina so that it came into contact with the cervix. In the presence of pregnancy wand will turn a bright blue color. In addition, they say that blue test is the most accurate.

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