The movement of the child before birth

It is important to remember that approximately twenty-eighth of the current week of pregnancy to the General list is extremely important or just a valuable diagnostic indicators of the condition of your baby, and your status as his future mother added indicators periodicity and intensity of perturbations of the fetus.

In fact, from this very moment the doctors definitely will recommend to the woman, to make permanent control of such perturbations. It is extremely important such control, though, because the nature of the perturbations, their intensity, or the frequency may be a lot to tell about the quality of the intrauterine life of your crumbs.

Recall that the frequency and intensity of perturbations your fetus will constantly evolve, and it will be the same throughout the term of your pregnancy. So, the peak of pediatric rapid fetal activity usually falling in the first half of the third trimester. At this time designated in the tummy moms still enough for skillful works of tumbling or swimming, but the limbs of your little Chad is already quite large, and moreover they was strong enough that a young mother can fully feel and enjoy” dancing actively growing toddler. However, towards the end of pregnancy a few limited available fetal bladder space will become more and more constrained as active earlier your baby’s movements. But between the baby and he will actively grow, and to gain the necessary weight (see calendar of height and weight of fetus in weeks), especially in the last week or two before childbirth. After passing through the mother’s birth canal your baby will need a lot of strength and stamina, so nature intended, for the life of the baby will need to compete!

How usually behaves baby before approaching childbirth?

What to do before giving birthIn General it is quite natural that the baby in terms of maternal tummy pretty comfortable but before labor long and hard to move just not possible, because the crumbs thoroughly grown up, actually, and fun of some kid from such movements have probably not experienced, not that early. As a consequence of perturbations of the fetus just before birth dramatically change your style or character. Usually, the baby begins to move not as often as before, but his pushing, or kicking moms already have a higher hardness and greater confidence. And even more so during this period, as a little fussy may show future mummy your not always gentle nature, constantly demonstrating their displeasure too constraining its space or the behavior of the mother (not the village, not so easy…).

In this period the mother will feel almost every movements toddler. Because now it turns or u-turns almost completely still. Next in line are the most important movement of the baby will be directed downwards, directly in the pelvic area as close as possible to the cervix. And believe me, expectant mothers usually feel when a child has fallen down. In anticipation of the upcoming birth of baby reflex sets his head down into the pelvis of the woman, taking a comfortable starting position. Be sure you definitely will feel it, though, because to go at this time is not very convenient, but to breathe now will be much easier than it was before. You see, when the baby has dropped significantly increased stomach won’t be as strong as previously, to support the Breasts, and will not cause the former shortness of breath. Actually now childbirth was very close.

The most important early signs of labor

It is important to remember that the stirring of the fetus just before birth not only mutate, their specificity is also important and quite reliable harbinger of a very short logical end of your pregnancy. So most obstetricians believe that on the last (36 or 37) weeks of pregnancy, every woman can feel the largest activity of its fetus, but at 38 weeks, this activity is very noticeable starts to go into decline. Of course, these terms very conditional, because, as you know, many women already at 37 weeks birth, and not all children want to sit in the womb up to the full 40 weeks. Have in mind that the majority of children in one or maximum two weeks before the onset of several genera modify their own behavioral tactics. Any mother at this time notes that her baby was the move is not so much and not too often became much less develop their efforts, although at that time still happen rare peaks of activity. Also at this time, the periods of full children of silence can dramatically change the same periods of a child’s excessive activity.

But if the kid somehow suddenly became quiet for the last week before childbirth, we can begin to gather in maternity hospital, probably today you’ll be. Of course, it is also conditional benchmarks and to start a full-fledged fights could take several days or even a week, but your stuff, believe should be ready in advance. Otherwise, you simply should not be far away from home without any accompaniment, and even more so, you should not go on any long trips, wait, and soon will go with the baby.

The importance of monitoring perturbations of the fetus just before birth

As in earlier periods, however, and now full control of the perturbations of the fetus the woman need to continue. Too sharp and too important long-term decrease in the number of perturbations of the fetus can be very disturbing sign. Will inform you of such changes by your doctor overseeing the pregnancy, and if your kid reminds himself less than three times a day, the doctor should flee immediately.

If, on the contrary immediately before childbirth you noted a sharp increase in the activity of their fetus, and to survive, definitely should not be. Understand your baby, as you prepare for the upcoming it events, and he may be nervous about this, and, incidentally, all his movements in the moment you take it the rotary-linear character, which is extremely important, well, at least it says so modern doctors. But here, also be sure to listen very carefully to the signals coming from inside and, of course, to be able to such signals as correct to interpret. Think about it, your kid just playing, practicing, or notifies you of some danger? In fact sometimes it can happen that the child just before birth for some reason has severe oxygen starvation. And just one indication of the formation of hypoxia may be excessive activity, indicating that the experiences of the baby.

The importance of monitoring perturbations of the fetus just before birthIf we try to resort to certain real numbers, 38 or 39 week about a woman should feel about ten moderate perturbations of the fetus, if you count those in the standard six-hour period of time, or not less than 24 perturbations for 12 hours. As it is not difficult to calculate for one hour of time your baby normally stir once or twice, however, doctors strongly recommend only hour observation perturbations as an exemplary demonstration, as you will agree it was at this time your baby may decide to sleep. And no perturbations per hour you can not feel, but when the baby wakes up, you’ll feel the tremors in the womb.

Another important point is that the perturbations woman should consider every one of tremors or move the crumbs, in General, any you feel movement in my stomach, or even episodes of tremors. If you suddenly find that your baby calm down, and for a long time, do not be afraid, for starters, just try to eat a sweet candy or drink a glass of milk, and then to lie exactly on the left side. Remember, it is this attitude among health care workers is considered to be the most inconvenient for normally developing fetus – and believe me, your toddler will soon let you know about their dissatisfaction. Also remember that all kids are different, actually, and therefore too high or too low as you think, the activity of the fetus felt before childbirth, it may be an absolute norm. But here it is it’s only physician.

Of course if you have anything confused or frightened, perhaps alarming, you have to hear all this and consult with your doctor. But if during the detailed examination, the doctor the gynecologist has told you that your baby is in the order that the baby is developing fine, believe me, you have no real reason to experience because of too frequent or too weak its perturbations.

Always try to remember that unnecessary anxiety for pregnant women in principle to anything and especially immediately before childbirth.

Be as relaxed as possible: your baby is almost fully ready for the upcoming meeting with this world and you. And he certainly would be nice to see a happy and relaxing mother than the mother, who is constantly going through. And even if for some reason there is a need to induce labor a little earlier than expected, believe me, already will not affect your child’s health. On the contrary: in some situations it is such a timely decision is the right one, and saves the baby, because such decisions are usually made only in the best interests of the crumbs. So in any case, worry definitely not least because the stress hormones, thrusting into the blood of the mother before the birth, neither you nor your toddler completely, useless.

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