The Pain in My Heart

Perhaps, most people at least once in my life experienced pain or other discomfort in the chest or left chest, exactly where the heart is. These pains attention and concern stronger than others, so we instinctively react to the “problems” in the location of such an important organ. No wonder the pain in the heart are the most frequent reason for seeking medical help.

Pain in this area are diverse. The pain of the cut, crush, compress, baking, burning, aching, pulling, pierce. They can be felt in a small area or spread throughout the chest, to give in the shoulder, arm, neck, jaw, stomach, under the shoulder blade. They can appear for a few minutes or last for hours and even days on end can change during breathing, the movement of the arms and shoulder girdle or change poses… Sometimes they occur when physical or emotional stress, sometimes alone or in connection with food intake.

Causes of pain in the hearts of many. They can become such heart disease like angina, myocardial infarction, inflammation of the heart and its membranes, rheumatic lesions. But often the source of pain is located outside the heart, such as in cases of neurosis, diseases of the ribs and thoracic spine, problems with gastrointestinal tract and many other diseases.

Why My Heart Aches

Heart painPain in the cardiac region is one of the most frequent causes of treatment of people for an ambulance. Pain heart on their origin can be divided into two main groups:

  • anginal pain occurring at different stages of coronary disease;
  • false angina, caused by inflammatory heart diseases, congenital diseases and defects of the heart or vascular dystonia.

Angina (ischemic disease) pain appear when the need for increased blood flow that occurs during physical activity or emotional stress. Therefore, for these pains are characterized by the occurrence of seizures during walking, emotional disorders, and termination alone, quickly removing their nitroglycerin. The nature of ischemic pain is usually burning, pressing, constricting; feel, as a rule, behind the breastbone and may be given in the left shoulder, arm, below the shoulder, in the lower jaw. They are often accompanied by shortness of breath. Very strong, pressing, squeezing, tearing, burning pain behind the breastbone or to the left of it is one of the symptoms of acute myocardial infarction, and this pain with nitroglycerin not already cleared.

False angina arising from rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis and inflammatory diseases of the outer membrane of the heart, pericardium, usually long, aching or stabbing character, which is bottled occur to the left of the sternum, worse with breathing, cough. They are not removed nitroglycerin, but can become weak after the appointment anti-pain drugs.

Often the pain in the heart region is not associated with diseases of the heart.

If the pain in the heart is changed by tilting and turning the torso, deep inhaling or exhaling, the movement of the hands, and taking Nitroglycerin or Validol virtually no effect on the intensity, it is probably due to thoracic radiculitis or diseases of the rib cartilage.

Severe pain along the intercostal spaces is sometimes the first sign of shingles, and short-term or periodic pain in the heart, often concentrated in a small area, aching, stabbing or undefined character, is a frequent complaint of patients with neurosis.

Stress and depression can be manifested by pains in the neck-shoulder region. Those who are in fear of running to the doctor, thinking that he had a “bad heart,” returned home relieved pain associated only with muscles. Often shortness of breath, gripping or stabbing pain in the heart are caused by flatulence, which puts pressure on the heart and thereby disrupting its function. If you can associate the pain in the heart area with the reception of any particular food or starvation, then it could be the disease of the stomach or pancreas. Also the cause of the pain can become pinched spine cardiac nerve, weakened thoracic spine, its curvature, osteochondrosis, etc.

Cause a Heartache

To clarify the causes of pain in the hearts of careful examination, appointed by the cardiologist and cardiac surgeon.

When the research activity of the heart obligatory method is the electrocardiogram (ECG), stress ECG (treadmill test, graded exercise test) record the electrocardiogram during exercise and Holter-ECG monitoring is the recording of ECG, which are held during the day.

For studies of cardiac murmur used method of phonocardiography, and the method of echocardiography allows using ultrasound to investigate the condition of the heart muscle and valves, to estimate the speed of the blood in the cavities of the heart. Method of coronary angiography is used to examine the state of the coronary arteries. To determine the shortage of blood supply to the heart muscle also use a method scintigraphy of the myocardium.

For exceptions neserbeznyh causes pain in the heart is necessary to conduct x-ray, CT and magnetic resonance imaging of the spine may require the consultation of a neurologist or orthopedist. You may have to visit a gastroenterologist or metapsychology.

Cause a heartacheAccording to the observations of cardiologists if the person in detail and vividly describes his pain in the heart, very often takes observations about their painful sensations on the pencil and reads them to the doctor, most likely, it’s not heart pain. If that same person believes that every time the pain was different, lasts a long time (without signs of heart failure), accompanied with frequent heartbeat, sometimes disturbing greater than the pain, the cause of the disease cardiologists, as a rule, are looking outside of the heart.

If the description stingy pain, without wasting words, if the patient remembered well the nature of pain, it often indicates a serious heart disease. However, with any complaints of pain in the heart area, you must consult a doctor.

The cardiologist will prescribe treatment depending on the diagnosis. It is possible that a course of chiropractic therapy will be enough to relieve you from the pain in my heart caused neserbeznyj” diseases. And it is possible that the only salvation for you is a surgical procedure aimed at plastic vessels or create a workaround for blood flow.

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