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The patient is unconscious at the moment

Urgency: a dangerous symptom

We found 26 diseases with symptom the patient is unconscious at the moment.

Possible refinements

loss of consciousness

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysm high 10-13
Ruptured spleen high 4-5
Massive blood loss (2.0—3.5 l) high 7-9
Acute right ventricular heart failure high 17-22
thromboembolism of small branches of the pulmonary artery (syndrome) high 15-19
coma hydrochloride high 6-8
Subarachnoid hemorrhage high 7-9
pulmonary Embolism high 7-10
Legionellosis high 21-28
Syndrome Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome () high 6-7
Hypoglycemic coma high 10-13
Hyperglycemic coma high 12-15
Tuberculous meningoencephalitis high 22-29
3 degree AV block high 5-6 + basic form
Drowning high 7-9
Acute renal failure high 16-21
deep vein Thrombosis of lower limbs and pelvis high 10-13
typhoid fever high 15-19
Myocarditis high 24-32
Ventricular tachycardia high 11-15
Pheochromocytoma (constant form) high 7-9 + basic form
atrial Fibrillation and flutter high 20-26
Hypertensive crisis: convulsive variant high 3-5 + basicform
sinus node weakness Syndrome high 8-10
2 degree AB-blockade of Mobitz II average 6-8 + basic.form
2 degree AV block of type Mobitz I average 4-5 + basic form

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