The position of the fetus in the womb of the pregnant woman

Before the baby in the womb, begins to make sense outside of the movement, the mother should be ready for it. After all, even the first, barely perceptible tapping or poor touch from the inside makes the child not only real in the minds of mothers, but also in physiological terms. Baby, thus, begins to show itself, to try their strength, to exercise their little muscles, showing her small, but will. During this period it is possible to give the mother to listen to the heart of the baby through the stethoscope. She needs to talk about what her child is already reached in the growth of twenty-five centimeters, and weight at an average of up to three hundred and forty grams (this is the upper normal weight of a child in this period). It happens that the mother feels within himself even beats that continue for thirty to forty minutes. The doctors think that the baby hiccups, and this further encouraged the mother and brings her sense of reality of the existence of her baby.

The child grows in full protection of amniotic fluid, and there he has the opportunity to develop and move freely. The kid pushed legs and arms, “tumbles”. He is able to manifest habits to suck a finger or thumb lug.

As the child grows (see table height and weight of the child in weeks of pregnancy), reduces the space for free action in the uterus. At the right time, the child is set in a position in which it remains until the birth.

Most women, especially those who have a second child, quite accurately represent the location of the fetus inside. This is due to the fact that every mother can easily feel the back of your baby, just lightly holding his hand on his stomach, resting feel the legs and the lower abdomen, just above the pubic area, you can define the solid bulge of the baby’s head. In this period, the pushing handles of the child is felt in the area of the sacrum or the bladder. It was during aftershocks very easy to define the legs of the baby and its position at the moment.

Transverse fetal position

Transverse fetal positionSometimes it happens that the head of the child can be confused with buttocks. But, as a rule, an experienced doctor or midwife, always accurately determine the position of the fetus before birth. However, they must tell my mother about their findings and conclusions. If the tubercle is the buttocks of the baby, then clicking on it will move the whole body of the child. If it is the head, the body move will not only herself, the baby’s head is tilted, and plunging into the water and float back after each pressing fingers.

If prior to delivery in women is pelvic presentation of the fetus, the baby will come out buttocks forward, not the head, the belly of the mother appears in the form of a triangle, pushes the legs and handles of the baby felt in the upper part. And if the baby has settled down the neck to the spine mom, his limbs felt perfectly at the front.

Ideal position of the fetus in the womb

Perfect prenatal position of the fetus is one in which the baby is head down and face turned to the mother’s back. This presentation is called the occipital. It is a position you can try very careful movements to give your baby the last week of pregnancy. Natural childbirth is to assume that all problem solving purely natural ways, ignoring any medical intervention.

The safest way to deploy the fetus in the desired position for natural childbirth is to move the center of gravity of the environment in which the child dwells. To do this, expand the body of his mother. And to make it easier than trying to expand the child inside the womb. When the center of gravity of the uterus will shift in the direction it will provoke the child to unfold in the right direction and take the right posture.

About seven and a half months of pregnancy, it is possible to observe the child lying down buttocks, and only in the last weeks the fetus is upturned buttocks up. As described above, changing the position of the mother will always encourage baby to some movements. In order not to force a pregnant woman to stand every day on the head, because this trick is not for every woman, you can offer her just lying down, lift the hips a few inches (25 to 30 cm) above the head. And so to lie down for a few minutes a day, and the more, the faster the baby will take the need for natural childbirth position.

A couple of times a day before meals, the future young mother needs to spend some time in the supine position, preferably on a hard surface. Hips can be lifted using the enclosed pillows. Such exercises you can start doing every day with the thirtieth week of pregnancy, and not to stop until the thirty-sixth week. During such exercises, the mother can talk to your baby, coaxing him to turn in the desired position. The child will understand, because he is a real live person, just a little. And it is a calm motherly voice will help him to overcome stress during the transition from one position to another.

Ideal position of the fetus in the wombThe same advice can be given and the mother, whose child has a rear head or breech presentation. To spread the fetus can also be cause by using the displacement of the center of gravity. In order to facilitate and accelerate the protracted difficult childbirth with rear views of breech presentation of the baby, the mother in the last weeks before delivery, it is recommended to provoke the child to turn by rolling the pelvis, drawing his hands on his knees. Such exercises should be done for about ten minutes every five to six hours. Standing in the position of rest, hands on her knees future mother smooth shaking movements should move the pelvis up and down. With one hand stroking his stomach, pushing the child. When doing these exercises, not superfluous will help a spouse, which can also stroke the baby through the mother’s belly and talk to him. Accustomed to the quiet of my father’s voice, the child will be with great zeal to try to move, to roll.

At night the young mother should not sleep on your back. Best for her position on her side or stomach. This is not surprising. Do not be afraid to sleep on the kid” because he is one hundred percent protected and depreciated amniotic fluid. If the position lying on his stomach very uncomfortable for the mother, then she should sleep on your side, you want to move the weight of the child for its speedy coup.

When the child has not turned in an ideal position, then delivery should be held in position on all fours, swinging in the pelvis (by the way, the third part of all women prefer this position for birth, regardless of the location of the fetus, because this position is more comfortable for the generic process). But, for the mother of such a provision, can be tedious, so it needs to provide a comfortable rest between contractions and trouble. Under the knees is best to put soft pillows, and the head can be put on the bed. You can periodically sit down on the edge of his chair, leaning against the headboard for support. This position will contribute to the rapid spread of the fetus in the normal position for birth of previa rear view.

If the fetus during childbirth remained in the pelvic presentation, then the pose of the mother at the time of onset undertakings from all fours to modify the posture of squatting. While the mother’s body should have a solid support. In this position the force of gravity will help to bring out the shoulders and the head of the child.

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