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The pregnancy test yourself at home

All women want to know early about her pregnancy. If this is not set, have you thought about doing this wonder or hope that fertilization did not occur. However, ignorance is very torments in both situations.

Many years ago, tried to detect pregnancy at an early stage. And his methods were every nation. So, the Jewish representatives walked through the tall grass. It traces talked about the fact that she was pregnant. And the Egyptians gave the woman a special drink. As a result, if the woman vomited – it was announced pregnant.

Today, women are no different from the quiet, who lived many years ago. Yes, they have many ways of identifying and diagnosing pregnancy. However, they also want to quickly find out the result, even before, when these methods of gaining information. And even if it looks ridiculous, silly or funny, but there are those who are willing to use all the traditional methods, only would like to know about the absence or the presence of pregnancy as early as possible.

I want to remind you, about the veracity of such methods we are not talking. However, our grandmothers they still had.

Popular home pregnancy tests

The pregnancy test yourself at homeTest for diagnosis is not always looked exactly as today. Something similar was tried to carry out even before most conventional test strips. And the main components remained the urine. Also needed iodine and dependent on the method chosen paper or capacity.

So, in the pot with urine should be drip iodine: if the drop remains on the surface of the urine, it means that a woman is pregnant, otherwise blurred. Another test method – soaked in urine paper to drip iodine: color change to blue – negative result in lilac or purple – positive.

Another way of using urine its color. They say that in the early stages of pregnancy it is dark yellow and concentrated. But thanks to the HCG it is able to have a good influence on the growth of flowers. As a result we have such a method: the collected urine to water all the flowers in the garden. If they become thicker and more beautiful is a sign that you are pregnant.

If the plants are sorry, can make the urine in a metal container and after boiling, pour into a glass dish: during pregnancy there will be flakes which precipitates. Strangely enough, but this method is popular: reviews on the Internet suggest that women try to check its accuracy in practice.

In addition, in medieval literature, you can find tip: morning urine to connect with wine in equal proportions and observe the result: in cases of pregnancy, the fluid is turbid, and pregnancy – is light and transparent.

Bow to diagnose pregnancy
The definition of pregnancy without a testTraditional methods of determining beremennostej this woman requires two bulbs to plant in two different glasses with plain water. For example, the first is the absence of pregnancy, second pregnancy. And then you had to wait, feather follicles will grow to 4 In which the glass is going to happen, and he will answer.

Looking for pulse
Lie on your back and then relax. Feel for the place below the navel and ProLite him: if you feel a pulsation – you are pregnant. Of course, no heartbeat’t say that. In addition, this method is very doubtful.

Dreams – the harbingers of pregnancy
Many years ago the dream was of great importance, even in the diagnosis of pregnancy. The most famous son-the forerunner is water and fish. No matter, buy a fish, eat, see, especially if you catch. Today women say similar dreams really are a reliable sign of impending pregnancy.

These are interesting folk methods of diagnosing pregnancy were used by our grandmothers.

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