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The Shingles on the skin

Shingles is a group of skin diseases of various origins (viral, fungal, etc.), basic element are inflammatory spot nodes and itchy skin. Usually the scab occur in lower immunity.

Lichen planus is manifested in the form of small itchy red nodules with a depression in the center. Rash often located on the curved surface of the forearms, inner thighs, and can also occur on the oral mucosa. The cause of the disease is still not established but it is known that lichen planus is not contagious.

The reason pink lichen are also unknown. When the disease appears on the skin first, one big pink spot, and then a great number of small flaky pinkish-yellow or light-red plaques oval or round shape. Skin rash is often located on the chest, back and extremities. The disease is not contagious and usually goes away without treatment.

The Shingles on the skin - causes, symptoms and treatmentRingworm – contagious skin disease caused by fungi. It is transmitted either person to person or from animal to man. Most often, ringworm affects children that are infected by sick cats or dogs. Affects the skin, hair, nails sometimes. Ringworm manifests itself usually in the form of one or more spots on the skin, covered with sparse hair, scales and crusts. Hair on the affected area seem to be “trimmed”, hence the name of the disease.

Tinea versicolor is a disease caused by herpes virus Herpes zoster, which is also the causative agent of varicella (chickenpox). Herpes zoster occurs due to impaired immunity in people who in the past suffered from chickenpox. The main manifestations of the disease – the pain and skin rashes, which are often unilateral and may be located in the intercostal spaces, on the face or limbs.

If you suspect ringworm, you need to consult a dermatologist who will conduct the necessary tests and prescribe treatment. It may also require consultation with other specialists. Do not delay the visit to the doctor.

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