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Rocking the child in her arms

A common way to soothe the baby – cuddling – has both supporters and staunch opponents. The latter primarily include pediatricians.

The most compelling argument in favor of motion sickness is the appeal to the folk tradition – after all, our ancestors many centuries rocked babies in Cribs without any harmful effects. It is also hard to deny that the child at conception is inevitably subjected to motion sickness in the womb.

The rocking the baby - the benefits and harmsMaybe that’s why after the birth of the sickness of the child makes him such a positive psychological effect. And if so, then the sickness is useful. There are not proven the belief that the sickness synchronizes the rhythms of the internal organs of the child and his brain, and this contributes to the easy sleep and quiet sleep.

Opponents of motion sickness also lead no less reasonable arguments that the sickness of a child is harmful to his health. Because of the weakness of an immature vestibular apparatus newborns experiencing dizziness from motion sickness and may even lose consciousness, and mothers believe that the child is fast asleep. Some pediatricians have also not borne out by statistics of the opinion that the children’s habit of dizziness in adult life leads to alcoholism, Smoking and drug addiction.

Actively oppose the motion sickness is known to pediatricians not declare its physiological harm. Their beliefs rather lie in the field of family relations and health to children and parents. So famous pediatrician of the last century B. Spock thought that with his cry baby manipulates the mother, making sure she took it into her hands, shaking. If you persistently give him to understand that this does not help, whims will gradually stop. Naturally, it is only about a healthy child.

Sometimes my mother motion sickness dope crying child who is sick and requires medical attention. Of course, over time it will turn out, but it will be lost time. Popular today pediatrician is convinced that the most important thing (more important than even health) – loving it and each other parents, family: in a normal family of a sick child will be cured, and in problem – fries and healthy. Therefore, they should not sacrifice their habits for the sake of the child, and the child should be educated in healthy habits, not interfere with normal family life. Motion sickness is not is such a useful habit, and better taken care of, and she arose.

How to put the baby without motion sickness

How to put the baby without motion sicknessTraditional motion sickness can replace the “ritual of falling asleep” meaning in performing regular bedtime certain procedures, manipulation. The main thing is to do them for 20-30 minutes before bedtime every day at the same time. Then, because of the emergence of conditional reflex connections between these activities and sleep, the child develops “install” to sleep.

Such procedures can come up with very much. Classic can be considered a relaxing bath before bedtime, a gentle massage and stroking, a favorite bedtime story or a glass of warm milk, lullabies or soft toy that is always “sleeping” with your child.

Create rituals can sleep six months. It is important that the manipulation did not lay a baby: lullaby if something softly and monotonously, if the tale without stressful events and loud voices. At the same time the procedure before going to sleep should not be too burdensome and mom because she would have to exercise daily and not one month.

How to wean the baby from sickness

How to wean the baby from sicknessThe child is not healthy, he has a tummy ache, teething, he’s not sleeping and crying… Well, how can we not take it on pens, not to revile, not to shake? It starts the habit. Then the kids even Wake up in the night and demanding to be rocked. Eventually, when the child grows, but the sickness remains the only way to put him to bed, fin raises the question of how to wean the baby from sickness.

Of course, there are children who are very easy to adapt to new conditions, when parents make the decision what to rock him longer. And the child after a few minutes of protest and agrees to sleep without motion sickness. But not so lucky for many parents. Most normal children bring into action the entire available Arsenal of effects – scream, tears, crying into hysterics. A small child panics without their own mother’s smell, her warm hands, palpitations and shakes.

The sooner you start to wean your baby from harmful habits, the easier and faster will be that difficult for the baby, and for you period. Whims have to endure and survive, otherwise you will have to rock him to two years when it is already possible to persuade.

What can you do? Replace the ritual sickness with something new. For example, after feeding and getting the baby to bed ubacivanje his lullaby song simultaneously patting legs, back, head. Doctors believe this technique is even useful for the development of intellectual abilities of the child. As the addiction of a child to a new way of life it will be just one lullaby to sleep quietly.

One mom shared on the forum their experiences. Put the baby to sleep, give a pacifier, a stuffed toy and left. Yes, the child was crying for 40 minutes. Every 5 minutes the mother came to him, calmed him down, but the hands did not take. Since then, he’s always asleep himself, when not sick.

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