The sling is good or bad for the newborn

Today more and more you can meet women who do not bring your child in the stroller and carry in a sling. The sling is a bag used for carrying babies. Fashion to wear at her baby came to us from India, where in ancient times a woman was supposed to start work almost immediately after birth. To ensure that her hands were free, she was primative child to his body with a piece of cloth. Later, this product has been improved and today it is a scarf made of thick cotton fabric, which is bound in a certain way.

Sling for newbornThere is even a whole movement so-called “Slingo-moms”: they believe that the situation of a newborn child, in which he virtually round the clock is in a sling is the only right one. Being in the so-called fetal position and constantly feeling the warmth of the mother, her heartbeat, the baby develops better and more quickly adapts to life outside the womb, which also contributes to the development of his normal psyche. Slingo-moms even feed their babies breast without removing them from their “bags” and also often asleep, sitting on a chair with a baby in a sling on his chest.

There are special courses, which experienced Slingo-moms tell pregnant women about the benefits of wearing baby in a sling, and teach their special ways of winding it on the body, and there are about a dozen.

But is it really good for the health of the child a permanent stay in this position, and it is useful for women constant wearing of crumbs on his body?

How to wear the sling newborn

How to wear the sling newbornDoctors advise to wait with wearing baby in a sling at least three months, and certainly not to begin with his birth. Also cannot carry such bags preterm infants. In the sling, the spine of the baby is always in a bent state, which could harm his health and posture. Many mothers are so fond of carrying the baby so that after his birth continue to lead lives that led up to the birth: shopping, travel on public transport to visit friends. Of course, why not to do it, because her newborn does not prevent: hands moms free, and baby sleeps almost all the time, lulled mother’s walk. However, we forget that being in crowded places, being the baby of the infection, which is also the fledgling can pick up quite easily.

Some women wear the sling not only at the exit to the street, but actively use them at home, for example, when preparing or sitting at the computer. Hands free, and the child is silent and does not distract the mother from the Affairs of his cries, because he was used to being around her chest. It should be noted that to teach this kid lying in bed or lounger own will be very difficult, indeed, to stay with the mother more comfortable. Later, when the child grows up and becomes impossible for him to wear in a sling, he will experience many problems when weaning from the mother, and she, in turn, spends a lot of nerves and energy trying to teach him to lie down or sit in the crib one.

Making conclusions, I must say that the sling be used, of course, possible, but only when it is absolutely necessary, for example, when my mother was going to make a trip in public transport, and with a stroller to do it is not convenient. Remember that the health of your child above your convenience, so do not abuse slings even if you wanted to thereby facilitate the existence.

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