The stage and extent of infertility

Doctors who deal with the problems of infertility in the family, now believe that the diagnosis and identification of the stage of infertility should do, if within one year of regular sexual life (about 3 times per week) does not bring the desired result.

This term (1 year) was installed not so long ago, earlier spouses with 5 years experience attempts of conception could simply not pay attention, respectively, and on the extent of infertility they knew nothing. A one-year period has identified a statistically: 30% of healthy couples will begin within three months of the joint sex life without contraception, and 60% for the nine months and the remaining 10% per year after the first attempt conception.

Stages of female infertility:

Stages of female infertilityPrimary infertility

The term primary infertility is applicable to both partners. In the case of women, talking about infertility 1 degree, imply that she was never pregnant. In relation to the spouse/partner infertility 1 means that no one partner could not get pregnant.

Secondary infertility

Infertility diagnosis 2 degree or secondary infertility put, if the woman was pregnant at least once, regardless of what this pregnancy ended (miscarriage, abortion, ectopic pregnancy). If a man is diagnosed infertility stage 2 means that at least one of his partners was pregnant, but now the conception does not occur precisely because of its fertility problems.

In addition, infertility distinguished by form and gender: male, female, combined, relative, idiopathic or unclear.

Combined infertility is a combination of female infertility male, and one partner can stand infertility diagnosis 1, and the other to present the second infertility.

If both partners have normal levels of reproduction, however, special analyses testify to their incompatibility, it is considered a special form of infertility, and the tactics of treatment is determined individually.

Finally, even the infertility of the first degree, not to mention the second, can be observed in a healthy and compatible pair. In this case, talk about obscure or idiopathic infertility.

Forms of female infertility:

  • Forms of female infertilityfallopian tube;
  • tubal-peritoneal;
  • endocrine;
  • immunological;
  • associated with endometriosis.

In male infertility there are such main forms: obstructive and secretory form of infertility, and immunological.
Regardless of the form of infertility, diagnosis and treatment in a good clinic should be present, otherwise the situation will not change for the better. You definitely need to see a doctor, undergo an initial consultation, tests, examined by ultrasound to investigate the hormonal system, and for men to hold semen and MAR-test. After a thorough examination, the doctor will create an individualized treatment program that will bear, fruit and will make you parents.

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