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Tonometer – blood pressure monitors

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood on walls of blood vessels. Usually blood pressure see blood pressure (BP), which is one of the main indicators characterizing the state of the circulatory system.

Optimal blood pressure (BP) is the ratio of 120/80 mm Hg. If your blood pressure suddenly increased, but subsequently stabilized for a long time, you should not panic, however, if the increase of pressure for you is becoming the norm, it could be symptoms of the phenomena called arterial prehypertension (120-139/80-89) or hypertension (systolic blood pressure above 140). And these symptoms, in turn, may indicate the presence of dangerous disease hypertension. The effects of hypertension can be heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrhythmia. Therefore, it is important to monitor your blood pressure (BP) and to take measures for its stabilization, after consultation with a specialist.

The easiest way to control your pressure is to use a tonometer. Modern heart rate monitors do not require special training of users, very easy to handle and are available with various features.

Which monitor is better: manual or automatic?

The operating principle of the tonometer are: automatic, semi-automatic, automatic to shoulder, automatic wrist.

Many buyers are wondering what a blood pressure monitor precisely measures the pressure, mechanical or automatic? The answer is: the mechanical tonometer in the hands of a specialist, and automatic blood pressure monitors measure exactly the same. Because the principles of measuring them is also similar. Only in the first case, instead of the sensor are the organs of hearing doctor. Mechanical tonometers we definitely recommend only to people for their professional activities, that is, physicians who have preliminary training. Often specialists use mechanical sphygmomanometers only because it says so in the rules of their clinic. However, any external influences, such as noisy premises, open Windows and other factors can interfere with the process pressure measurement.

Brachial blood pressure with basic functions

If you have no serious heart disease (the heart attacks, strokes, severe heart rhythm disorders) and you’re looking for a family instrument for pressure control, then you should look to the series blood pressure monitors Omron Omron M2 or M3. We recommend you to take heart rate monitors from this series with universal cuff (22-42 cm) and AC adapter included. Thanks to the universal cuff of the tonometer will be used by people of any build and age, and the adapter are not tied to having batteries. A more specific model name will depend on your preferences.

  • Model Omron M2 Basic is the simplest model. Only one button is the button on/off. Very easy to use. Ideal for older people.;
  • If the doctor recommends you keep a diary pressure, the tonometer Omron M2 Classic is a more suitable model. It has memory for 30 measurements (but without registration date and time). Another added arrhythmia indicator, signaling her presence.;
  • In Omron M2 Plus, in addition to all the features of previous models, still have the indicator that informs whether you are wearing the cuff.
  • To Keep a diary of pressure with the Omron M3 is even easier, because there, in addition to the measurement results, contains the date and time, which is very convenient. The difference Omron M3 Expert and Omron M3 Family, just at the memory. In the tonometer Expert memory for 60 measurements per user, in Family for 60 measurements for two users (a whole month, with evening and morning measurements). Both tonometer, in addition to all features of the M2 series devices are:

– traffic indicator;

– indicator that informs on the registration of vibrations, which can affect the accuracy of the result;

– calculation of the average of the last three measurements;

– ability to play the tones of the heart.

Therefore, if you have hypertension, you need to monitor and record readings from its pressure, then you can use Omron M3 Expert. If the device will use two, choose a Omron M3 Family.

Heart rate Monitors with advanced features

Tonometer Omron M5 tonometer Omron M6 is the instrument of another level. Of course, they have all the features of predecessors, but use the following new technologies speed measurement:

  • pulse the more and more the values of systolic and diastolic pressure, the faster speed bleed, which makes the pressure measurement faster and less painful
  • high-speed measurement technology takes fewer pulsations that allows you to achieve precise results even with severe arrhythmias. This technology allows the use of sphygmomanometers Omron M5 and M6 with child cuff (sold separately).

Sphygmomanometers Omron M5 Comfort Cuff and Omron M6 Comfort Cuff are manufactured with comfort cuff. This gasket is easier to get dressed. The pressure in the cuff is distributed more evenly thanks to the special design of the camera. Therefore, the measurement of the pressure takes place in more comfortable mode. You should know that the model with the prefix Comfort Cuff cannot be used with other cuffs.

So, for the elderly, people with serious heart problems such as atrial fibrillation, suffered a heart attack or stroke, blood pressure monitors series M5 and M6 is the ideal choice. If the tonometer plan to use for small children, you can also purchase child cuff 17-22 (only for equipment with universal cuff).

Blood pressure Monitor wrist

Blood pressure Monitor wristThe heart rate monitors on the wrist are both indications and contraindications.


  • If the measurement of blood pressure on the shoulder is not possible due to the large volume of hands
  • If the shoulder has a disease (arthritis, arthrosis)
  • If the patient has acute pain when squeezing hand on the shoulder


  • Swelling of the wrist
  • Scars on your wrist burns field
  • If carpal fractures
  • Tremor

If you have no contraindications, but you suffer from hypertension and you need a mobile device, or is there any of the above indications, the wrist blood pressure monitors Omron R1, Omron R2, Omron R3 Opti or Omron R5 Prestige is the best choice. These monitors use technology accelerated no-decompression measurement (measurement of pressure while inflating). This significantly reduces procedure time. With proper use of wrist blood pressure monitors are the same exact as the shoulder. They are clinically tested for any age group. You only need to follow the guidelines specified in the instructions. All the Omron wrist blood pressure monitors supplied hard case and set of AA batteries.

  • Omron R1 – the simplest device. As with Omron M2 Basic, it has only one button – on and off
  • Omron R2 – has a memory of 30 measurements without registration of the date and time, there are indicators of arrhythmia and high blood pressure (wrist analog Omron M2 Classic)
  • Omron R3 Opti – memory for 60 measurements with date and time to the functions of the previous models added the average of 3 measurements and the motion sensor (similar to Omron M3 Expert)
  • Omron R5 Prestige – memory for two users with 90 measurements with date and time to all functions R3 Opti added a very useful sensor correct hand position with sound and light indication. This is one of the best blood pressure monitors for speed measurement. Also, like sphygmomanometers Omron M5 and M6, it copes well with atrial fibrillation. Omron R5 Prestige has replaced the discontinued blood pressure monitor Omron R7, and now is the best wrist blood pressure monitors Omron

Mechanical blood pressure monitors

Mechanical blood pressure monitorsCompany CS Medica produces several types of mechanical blood pressure monitors:

  • Healthcare CS-105 – the most simple basic configuration with extended nylon cuff (22-38 cm) and built-in metal stethoscope;
  • model Healthcare CS-106 is available in two versions: with and without phonendoscope phonendoscopes, and comes with cuff degree 24-42 see Also, to the Healthcare model CS-106 produced 5 types of cuffs with a range from 9 to 50 cm;
  • mechanical tonometer Healthcare CS-110 Premium made in Germany and precision of his measurements confirmed the European standard EN1060. In it, the pear is combined with a pressure gauge with a large dial. Included Healthcare CS-110 Premium storage case.

But, again, we repeat that the mechanical tonometers we recommend you to purchase only the experts for their professional activity. For ordinary people fit semi-automatic and automatic models.

Semi-automatic blood pressure monitors

Semi-automatic blood pressure monitorsSemi-automatic blood pressure monitor is an intermediate variant of the device between manual and automatic. Unlike the mechanical tonometer, measurement of blood pressure (BP) exercise device, you just pumped air into the cuff with a bulb. Since in this type of tonometer is missing the compressor, the battery will last a long time. Also, this tonometer is very compact. In the line of products of Omron are three main models of semi-automatic blood pressure monitors. This is a Omron S1, Omron M1 Compact and M1 Omron Eco. All these are powered by conventional AA batteries and come standard with medium fan-shaped cuff (22-32 cm). Also, these blood pressure monitors you can purchase a large (32-42 cm) and small (baby 17-22 cm) cuff. The number of functions from model to model increases, so does the price. But even the most expensive semi-automatic blood pressure monitor M1 Omron Eco costs less than the simplest automatic. The tonometer records the measurements with date and time and is able to do many useful things, in addition to simple functions of pressure measurement. Therefore, semi-automatic blood pressure monitors can be a good analogue of the auto at a lower price. Note that the method of injecting air into the cuff can affect the accuracy of the measurement, from the point of view that the procedure increases the pumping pulse. Such heart rate monitors are definitely not recommended for elderly, weak people, or users who have serious heart problems.

Premium blood pressure monitors

Sphygmomanometers Omron MIt Elite and Omron Mit Elite Plus are the fastest in speed measurements due to the no-decompression method. Very comfortable, easy to use, easy to read display with large digits on the screen, they are compact and have a stylish design. Perhaps this is the best heart rate monitors considered previously. They have all the available features of Omron blood pressure monitors previous series, but still added a guest mode for memory, to not remember the data of unauthorized users. The difference of the tonometer Omron MIt Elite from Omron Mit Elite Plus in that the latter can be connected to the computer via USB (cable and CD included). Also Omron Mit Elite Plus has a backlight display. With the help of tonometer Omron Mit Elite Plus you will be able to observe the dynamics of changes in the pressure reading for the selected period of time on the computer.

But these blood pressure monitors have drawbacks. We pay attention to them, because the blood pressure monitors in this price range and with such high quality looking at more closely. So, first of all, is the price – it is significantly above average. Second. As with all Omron blood pressure monitors, devices Mit Elite series are powered from batteries. You can buy a network adapter, but as standard, it is not. Third, these monitors are not suitable for children cuff. In the basic configuration – standard cuff 22-32 cm Large cuff 32-42 cm can be purchased separately. If you can live these drawbacks, feel free to purchase these devices because they are close to perfection and when the pressure to cope with problems of the cardiovascular system better than any of described above devices. The process of monitoring their health will be pleasant and comfortable with a Omron Mit Elite and Omron Mit Elite Plus.

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