TOP 10 recipes for nursing mothers

During breastfeeding mother cannot eat all the food that is consumed before pregnancy. There will always be some product that will cause the baby colic or allergies. Previously, it was of course easier, but it is now possible not only to start eating healthier and to lose weight and to tidy up the skin.

In addition, you need to follow a diet nursing mom, so still need it to cook. Where can I take time if there are so many new worries, and force at zero? Rest assured that we have prepared for you is not only correct, but also very fast and simple recipes.

Recipes for wholesome food for mother during breastfeeding

Fish with vegetables

Products: lean marine fish (e.g. hake), carrots, beetroot, sunflower oil.

Preparation. Beets and carrots cut across in circles, grease the pan or pot with sunflower oil, fish or arbitrarily cut to separate the fillet. At the bottom of the pan put a thick layer of carrots and beets, put the fish on top, season with salt, cover and enable the most peaceful a fire. Can be left on the stove unattended, half an hour later the dish is ready. The fish turns a nice amber color, soaked with the juices of roots and becomes slightly sweet.

Cottage Cheese pie

Products: 300g cottage cheese, two eggs, 200g of cooked rice or oatmeal, a teaspoon of sugar, pinch of salt, a teaspoon of butter. You can add carrots, pumpkin, spinach, black currants, or chopped Apple.

Recipes for wholesome food for mother during breastfeedingCooking. Cottage cheese mash with a fork, mix with cooked rice (cereal), sugar, salt, eggs, softened butter. Should get a homogeneous mass, which should be put in a baking dish and send in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Hearty and delicious casserole is ready.

Grilled Vegetables with chicken

Products: peppers, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, chicken, vegetable oil to taste, salt.

Preparation. to wash the Vegetables and put to be baked on the grill in the oven or on the grill, chicken put in boiling water and cook for 10 minutes. To remove the peel from the vegetables and chop. Ready fillet cut into slices or strips. Mix everything, add salt and vegetable oil.

Green vegetables with quail

Products: broccoli, cabbage romanesco, Brussels sprouts, quail, vegetable oil.

Preparation. the Quail to the pan and cook until tender. Broccoli and cabbage romanesco divided into florets, larger heads Brussels sprouts cut in half. Prepare a bowl of cold boiled water. Preheat vegetable oil in a skillet and throw all the vegetables. Fry five to seven minutes, then immediately remove all from the pan into the prepared water. Water will cool the vegetables and not let them turn into a boiled mass, wash off the oil fried. Quail disassemble and put in a plate, put the vegetables next and optionally salt.

Mashed potatoes with carrots and broccoli

Products. Potatoes, 2 parts carrot, 1 part broccoli, 1 part low-fat sour cream, salt.

Preparation. Potatoes and carrots to clean, to put, without cutting, into the boiling water, cook until tender, cook the broccoli separately until tender. After the vegetables are boiled, drain the water and pound into a homogeneous mass, at the end, add broccoli and also pound. Add salt to taste and sour cream. Bon appetit!

This side dish goes well with meat, fish or eggs, or can be an independent dish.

Baked apples with cottage cheese and cinnamon

Products. Apples, cheese, sugar, cinnamon.

Cooking. Apples cut in half and remove seeds and partitions. Curd mix with sugar and cinnamon, to fill half the apples, spread on a baking sheet and place in oven bake. A delicious and hearty snack or Breakfast is ready.

Veal with roasted vegetables and buckwheat

Products. Veal, carrots, asparagus, broccoli, buckwheat, vegetable oil.

Preparation. Veal to put into boiling water and cook until tender. The vegetables bake in the oven. Buckwheat boil and place in a bowl. Cut the meat into slices, vegetables to be peeled, carrots cut into sticks, asparagus and broccoli divided into small parts. To combine the meat with the carrots, season with vegetable oil, put on top of buckwheat, alongside broccoli and asparagus. Now You have a hearty and healthy lunch.

Diet porridge with quail

Products. 300g Millet, quail, 200g carrot, celery 100g, 200g low-fat sour cream.

Preparation. rinse the Millet and put in a deep pan for the oven. Quail wash, remove the skin, divide into portions or leave whole. Carrots and celery peel and chop on a grater. Vegetables to connect with groats and sour cream, add water 1/1, put the quail inside. Put the dish in the oven on the lowest temperature and leave until cooked meat.

Vegetable soup with quail eggs

Products. 300g Potatoes, 200g carrots, celery 100g, 200g broccoli, 200g cauliflower, quail eggs 10-20 pieces, butter 30g. If desired, in the finished dish, you can add boiled meat.

Preparation. Vegetables to clean and chop. Carrots and celery root it is better to crush on a grater, put it in cold water and put the saucepan on the fire. After 20 minutes add the chopped potatoes, cabbage, broccoli and romanesca. When the vegetables are ready, one by one to break the quail eggs and drop into boiling soup, stirring immediately. The soup should be thick.

Boiled mackerel with vegetables

Products. Beets, carrots, potatoes, frozen or fresh mackerel, vegetable oil or sour cream for the filling.

Preparation. Fish put in a pot with water and cook until tender (about 20 minutes after boiling). Boil vegetables until done, chop on a grater, to fill with vegetable oil or sour cream. Mackerel put on plate, separated from the bones, cut the beef into portion pieces, put beside the vegetables. The dish is ready.

You can cook everything in the form of salad: boiled mackerel mince by hand and mix with already prepared vegetables, season with vegetable oil or sour cream. Mackerel, even cooked, has a rich and slightly salty flavour, so the dish will not be fresh; be careful with salt.

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