Torticollis in children

Congenital muscular torticollis in infants is one of the most widespread diseases in newborns. This diagnosis is very peculiar, it can supply one person, and another to refute. This is because, this disease is often confused with muscle tone.

The causes of torticollis in a child

It is believed that the main cause of torticollis in infants is congenital hypoplasia sternocleidomastoid muscle, which is located on the side of the neck. There are other possible causes of this disease, trauma of the cervical spine in childbirth, for example.

As a result of damage to muscle manifests a certain defect. When torticollis baby’s head will be tilted to the damaged muscle, is rotated in the opposite direction and damage is slightly reclined. The scapula and shoulder girdle in severe torticollis will be a bit higher, and the back of the head with a healthy side can be angled. Sometimes it may be easy facial asymmetry. It is also possible, the backlog of child psychomotor development at torticollis moderate and severe.

On the one hand it is not the terrible diagnosis, he is treated fairly easily and quickly. On the other hand, the children who had this disease who are prone to other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. For example, they may in the future form the low back pain or abnormal kyphosis. The reason in this case is the wrong formation and development of muscular neck and back. That is why it is very important to notice this problem.

If the above symptoms in your child you can not find, but he likes to keep his head turned to one side and sleep on one side, then it is likely muscle tone. It also varies, but it is much less of a problem.

What is the most effective method of treatment of torticollis?

Disease treatment begins with 2-3 weeks of age. Depending on the severity of the disease is determined and a personalised treatment plan, which may include the treatment position, massage, gymnastics, electrophoresis and magnetotherapy.

Massage therapy for torticollis

Practice shows that the most effective method of treatment of torticollis in a child massage. But the child needs to trust a good specialist with high qualification and not a random person. Massage in this case intended to relax the muscles of the neck and give them the opportunity to take normal natural position.

Some simple massage techniques for the treatment of torticollis in children can be performed independently:

  • slightly to take the child’s head first in one direction then in the other side;
  • easy to stroke with two fingers neck from ear to collarbone;
  • smoothly and gently RUB the “thickening” in the patient muscle.

Healthy side also needs a massage, but more energetic. It is designed to improve muscle tone.

In addition, you need to know how to wear a child with symptoms of torticollis, which also will be useful for your baby:

  • take your baby upright and squeeze it to his chest. Baby’s shoulders should be level with your shoulders. Gently and slowly rotate the child’s head to the affected side and lock this position with the cheek;
  • taking the child’s hand back to him (in vertical position) turn his head to the sore side of his cheek, with a little bow to her in a healthy way;
  • child wearing the “sick” side or back to face him. At this time you must support his head, lift it in a healthy way.

Massage and exercises with torticollis

Massage and exercises with torticollisWith this diagnosis, as “torticollis” in infants, almost always shows the classes in the pool. The temperature of the water should be 35-36 degrees. But all exercises that can be performed in water, you first need to show the instructor.

And simple exercises with the baby can also be performed independently. In this case, perform it regularly – morning and evening. Main activities of the movement:

  • circular motion the baby. In this case the forearms of the baby should be recorded for adults;
  • head tilt
  • lifting of the head when the baby lies on his side;
  • lifting shall hang from the table or couch head reclining child.

One of the most effective exercises for the treatment of torticollis is considered to be:

  • when the child lies on his back, grabbing his adult Cams and gently and smoothly pulls the baby to himself, inducing him thus to sit down.

Treatment of torticollis in children

Also is one of the essential points of the treatment of the child. In this case, the child is placed so that something which attracts attention (colorful toys, color film) hung with a patient hand, and with a healthy was smooth solid wall. The baby should lie on a mattress of medium hardness without a pillow, elevated at the head 15-20 degrees. You can also use a special orthopedic pillow.

For the prevention and treatment of torticollis exercises and therapeutic massage give good results.

As you can see, cure torticollis a baby is not difficult. The main thing is not to concede and not to neglect the disease. Its unpleasant consequences we mentioned above. In the most severe cases, doctors prescribe surgery.

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