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Toxoplasmosis – an infectious disease that causes Toxoplasma (Toxoplasma gondii). Most people carry the disease is asymptomatic, as the immune system easily destroys the infection. Toxoplasmosis can become really dangerous if a woman becomes infected during pregnancy. Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy this is a very dangerous Parasite can infect the fetus, which can lead to brain damage, eyeballs and other tissues and organs, as well as to miscarriage or death in utero. Most often, women who contracted toxoplasmosis after six months to a year before conception, develop immune resistance to Toxoplasma and do not pass the infection to the foetus during pregnancy.

There are two ways of toxoplasmosis: firstly, through the soil or contaminated surfaces, this can occur if you touch to your mouth after working in the garden or cleansing the cat’s litter tray, and secondly, if you eat poorly cooked meat, or touching the mouth after cutting fresh meat.

The most important source of infection are domestic cats. It is in their body is the multiplication of Toxoplasma and subsequent release into the environment together with waste. It is impossible to determine without special considerations, whether the cat carrier toxoplasmosis infection.

In asexual, that is, not associated with reproduction, period of life, the parasite can reside in the body of any warm-blooded animal. It is proved that Toxoplasma can alter the behavior of its host. For example, infected rodents lose their fear of cats, increasing their chances of being eaten. Thus Toxoplasma secures further reproduction and development.

Symptoms toxoplasmosis

Most cases of toxoplasmosis are asymptomatic. If symptoms toxoplasmosis and appear, they resemble the flu – the same weakness, fever, swollen glands and muscle pain. These symptoms toxoplasmosis disappear on their own after a few days or weeks. Get toxoplasmosis only once in life, then immune.

People who have a weakened immune system, for example, people with HIV undergoing organ transplantation or lymphoma, toxoplasmosis can carry much heavier, there is the threat of life. The symptoms greatly depend on the type of organ struck Toxoplasma. It could be the eyes, lungs, heart, and brain.

Because toxoplasmosis normally has no symptoms, most people do not need prophylaxis. However, it is vital for pregnant Genina and persons with weakened immune system. For the prevention of toxoplasmosis must be carefully wash hands before taking and cooking food, and also to wear gloves to work in the garden or yard.

Pregnant women it is desirable to clean the cat tray. If this is not possible, you should wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly. To cut raw meat also need to use gloves. Among other things, very thoroughly clean cutting boards, knives, plates and other utensils that had contact with raw meat. In food you need to eat meat, which was very well heat-treated.

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