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Tracheitis in children

The respiratory system of the baby is very vulnerable. Cold viruses infect primarily the nasopharynx and larynx. But then they go down below into the trachea. It is the trachea ( breathing tube that begins at the larynx and below is divided into two main bronchus ) – the culprit of the disease. When colds and viruses to mucous membrane it becomes inflamed, so there tracheitis.

Symptoms of tracheitis:Treatment of tracheitis

Tracheitis always starts the same way. The child suddenly wakes up at night and go cough. Sometimes it happens that the night before he says a husky voice and sneezes. The first and most important symptom of tracheitis – hacking, dry cough.

The second symptom of tracheitis – burning in the chest. The cough may be repeated for 2-3 hours. And the child’s breathing is accompanied with sibilant rales. The next day the baby is fussy. But after some time it gets better. Only the cough is haunted.

Treatment of tracheitis:

Tracheitis you can pause using herbal therapies and warm up. Typically, antibiotics for this disease is not prescribed. The main thing is to overcome cough. For the treatment of used resources in the form of medicines and syrups, inhalation using herbs and essential oils, and warm drink.

Try more wear the baby in her arms: now frequent changes in body position necessary. Don’t forget that dry air irritates the membranes of the upper respiratory tract and make them less resistant to infection.

So twice a day, clean the apartment floor, vacuum carpeted floor (only move the baby to another room).

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