Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes of the 2nd type is the absorption of sugar from the intestines of normal, but the transition from blood to various cells of the body broken. In some cases this problem, at least in the beginning of the disease, can be solved without medication: diet and exercise.

Treatment tablets

Tablets for the treatment of type 2 diabetes type does not contain insulin. The most widely used tablets belong to the same chemical class and are called drugs sulfonylurea group (CM). Their main mechanism of action is to stimulate the formation of insulin in the pancreas.

To a number of less frequently used tableted drugs is a group of biguanides. They increase the absorption of sugar by the cells and, mainly, are assigned to patients with diabetes of the 2nd type, combined with obesity, not very successfully lose weight.

Both groups of tablets effective as long as the patient remains independent production of sufficient quantities of insulin. In a significant number of patients with diabetes type 2 diabetes type tablets gradually cease to be effective, and then insulin therapy is the only alternative. In addition, you may experience periods (for example, during a serious illness), when until successful treatment tablets should be temporarily replaced by treatment with insulin.

Treatment with insulin

Treatment with insulinInsulin therapy should replace the pancreas. This work consists of two parts: determination of blood glucose levels and the allocation of adequate amounts of insulin.

To ensure that your body insulin is simple enough. The only method of administration is by injection, as if taken by mouth, it will be destroyed by stomach acid. Insulin is introduced into the body via subcutaneous injection to work as well as the insulin produced by the pancreas.

The more difficult part of the job of the pancreas is to know when to allocate insulin. For example, a healthy pancreas “feels” the rise of blood sugar after a meal and, accordingly, adjusts the amount of insulin. With the help of Your doctor You should learn how to combine food and time of injection, to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Thus, You will not have high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) or too low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

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