Dermatology - diseases of the skin

Tumor on the skin

Skin tumors as well as tumors of other organs, can be benign or malignant. Most often there are three types of skin cancers: basal cell carcinoma (basal cell carcinoma), squamous cell carcinoma and the most dangerous is melanoma.

Melanoma develops from melanocytes – melanocytes. In most cases it occurs in the place of normal moles. Tumor growth can cause overexposure to sun, chemical and thermal burns, and permanent injury moles. That is why the dangerous “floaters”, located on the shoulder, under the hair on the head, soles, perineum, or on the mucous membranes.

The tumor on the skin - causes and treatmentIn any external changes moles better seem oncologist. The doctor will be able to assess the likelihood of malignant transformation of a nevus and, if necessary, to make its removal.

If the worst happened, and was formed melanoma, only one operation is not enough. In order to achieve the complete elimination of tumor cells will be assigned to radiation therapy (treatment with ionizing radiation) and chemotherapy (anticancer drugs).

Meanwhile, in most cases, tumor development can be avoided. To do this, just take a closer look at your own body (especially moles), avoid prolonged sun exposure and to observe simple rules of tanning.

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