Dermatology - diseases of the skin

Urticaria: red and pink spots on the skin

Urticaria – itchy skin rash allergic nature, red (pink) color.

Possible cause hives

  • food
  • pharmaceuticals
  • insect Bites
  • Wear (contact Allergy)
  • sunlight
  • Cold
  • Infection
  • Helminths
  • blood Disease
  • Autoimmune diseases

Treatment of urticaria

The most important thing in the treatment of urticaria, as with any other allergic disease is to eliminate the allergen (what caused hives). With new-onset urticaria or infrequent episodes of urticaria as a symptomatic treatment may be used with modern anti-Allergy (antihistamine) medications (claritin, “Aerius”, “Telfast”, “Zyrtec”).

When the regularly occurring rashes need to contact the doctor to clarify the causes of urticaria and the selection of adequate treatment.

Treatment of urticariaProlonged use of antihistamines without sufficient effect and without consulting a doctor, the use of various herbal and homeopathic remedies, folk remedies treat hives without complying with the General rules for people with allergies may aggravate the disease.

Self-treatment of urticaria

Use the same fees herbs, and that the treatment of Allergy, but you should be careful because they can also cause an allergic reaction. Before using folk remedies, consult a physician.

To what doctor to address in urticaria

What doctors may be required in case of urticaria?

  • a General practitioner (family doctor), physician
  • Dermatologist
  • Allergist

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