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Vaccination of children

The need for vaccination of children is explained by the high incidence of serious infectious diseases at the present time. The aim of vaccination is to develop in the child’s body such immunity, so when I meet infection the child is either sick or suffered a disease in a latent or mild.

Vaccination is the introduction of antigenic material to induce immunity to the disease, which will prevent infection, or weaken its effects. The antigenic material may be: a live but weakened strains of bacteria or viruses killed (inactivated) microorganisms or specific substances extracted from pathogens. There are also synthetic vaccines.

History of vaccination

It is considered that the vaccination (from lat. “vassa” is a cow) was introduced in 1796, English physician Edward Jenner who made the first shot “cowpox” 8-year-old boy James Eve. However, the history of vaccination begins much earlier. For example, in the East of the contents of pustules (pustules) of patients with smallpox rubbed into the skin of the forearm, after which the likelihood of Contracting this deadly infection has decreased. While various epidemics (smallpox, yellow fever, etc.) has claimed the lives of thousands of people. The people were willing by any means to protect yourself and your family from the danger of infection.

To get vaccinated child or notMany scientists have conducted experiments on animals, injecting them with various fluids of infected people. Thus, in the organism of experimental animals got a small amount of antigenic material, and the immune system gets a time on the correct immune response. When meeting with this infection, the body was ready to fight back the disease. Already in the XIX century French mikrobiologii Pasteur managed to create vaccines against deadly diseases like anthrax and rabies.

Further, the history of vaccination in different countries is very different, however, by the beginning of XX century in Europe and Europe and the United States already had a list of required vaccinations.

Opponents of vaccination

Doctors do not deny the possibility of side effects and complications after vaccination. However, numerous studies worldwide show that the incidence of infections against which vaccinations, significantly reduced. Smallpox, for example, was completely defeated. It is particularly important that with the help of vaccination for many years, managed to avoid serious complications of several diseases.

Opinion immunologists on this very succinctly: “Vaccination should be carried out strictly on the evidence and high-quality vaccines.” This approach allows us to avoid most of the complications and create a child with good immunity against dangerous infections.

To get vaccinated child or not

Most correctly, if the parents are thoroughly versed in the requirements for each vaccination separately, consult with a pediatrician and properly prepare your child for vaccination.

In some cases, the onset of vaccination delay in connection with the medical health of the child. Sometimes doctors advise to start vaccination at the age of half a year.

Preparing children for vaccination As a rule, the parents know in advance about when the baby will be made following the inoculation. Ask your pediatrician whether you need any tests or examinations by specialists (at the age of 1 month the child should be made a General analysis of blood and urine, and he consults a neurologist). If the kid is prone to allergic reactions, before the vaccinations you should consult your allergist. Usually, the doctor can prescribe to take antihistamines for two days prior to vaccination and for two days after vaccination.

On the day of vaccination the child should measure the temperature, to make sure he is completely healthy. Kids should not introduce new types of complementary foods on the day of vaccination.

Before the introduction of the vaccine the child examined by a pediatrician and writes a referral to the vaccine. If it happens in a clinic or medical center – on mom with a child is in the vaccination study, where certified nurse making the vaccine. Sometimes doctors do vaccinations independently at home. Make sure a doctor has a certificate of vaccination. Verify the observance of a temperature mode of storage of vaccines.

How do vaccinations for children

Directly before the vaccinations should be checked with honey. sister, what kind of vaccine will be introduced to the child. Information about the name of the vaccine and a series of production should be included in medical or vaccination certificate

At a time when the nurse or doctor doing an injection to Your kid, try not to worry, because worry will be passed to the child. If the child relative to an adult, tell him that you need to breathe deeply through the mouth and think about your favorite toy. You should not scold the kid for tears and fear. This is a normal human reaction. Just reassure him and smile.

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