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Vaginal thrush – How To Prevent Yeast Infection

Yeast infection that causes unpleasant itching and burning in the vagina, is a common female disease. Although absolutely avoid this disease is not possible in 75% of women it occurs at least once in a lifetime – there are measures, following which you will be able to prevent its frequent occurrence. Learn how to prevent yeast infections by wearing the right clothes, observance of rules of personal hygiene and changes in lifestyle.

Method 1: Wear the right clothes
Wear loose clothes. Thrush occurs when it creates a suitable environment for bacterial growth.

Tight clothing on the skin retains heat and moisture which promote the growth of bacteria, whereas a more loose garment provides air circulation and keeps your skin dry. Avoid wearing the following clothing items for longer than the few hours a day:

  • Stockings and tights. Wearing tight pantyhose and stockings all day can lead to thrush. If you like to wear these garments, choose not very close copies or cut them in the crotch area to provide better air circulation.
  • Leotard and other garments from spandex. The fabric, used to make leotard and leggings, breathing is not very good, so it retains heat and moisture of your body on the skin.

Wear underwear in breathable fabric. Underwear from nylon or spandex keeps moisture on your skin, so daily wearing of this underwear will lead to the appearance of thrush. When shopping, remember the fact that:

  • Cotton Linen and other breathable fabrics keeps skin dry and prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Hold the thongs and fine lingerie for special occasions and don’t wear them every day. Fine linen, as a rule, rather cramped and provides a suitable environment for bacterial growth.

Method 2: hygiene

Vaginal Thrush Infection Symptoms

Vaginal Thrush Infection Symptoms

Maintain dryness of the vaginal area. Stay dry is one of the most important conditions for the prevention of thrush. Keep the following tips in order to avoid creating favorable for the growth of bacteria environment:

  • Carefully dry off after a bath or shower.
  • Don’t walk around in a wet swimsuit. Once you exit the pool, get changed into something dry.
  • Changing sports clothes immediately after you finish your workout, because the sweat just dries up after some time.
  • If you use sanitary pads, then change them as often as possible to maintain dryness and cleanliness.
  • Wipe from front to back. After urination or bowel movement is very important to dry off, so as not to spread bacteria. Wiping from front to back and not Vice versa, is of great importance to prevent thrush.
  • Avoid syringes and intimate deodorants. They contain chemicals that disrupt bacterial balance, which leads to increased risk in the occurrence of thrush.
  • Powders, scented tampons and pads, as well as perfumed toilet paper should also be avoided.
  • Use of strongly scented Soaps and scrubs can also lead to thrush.

Method 3: Change diet and lifestyle

Maintain your immune system. the Most common cause of yeast infection – a weakened immune system, as to limit bacterial growth requires a strong immune system. Help the body to fight infection, focusing on the maintenance of your health.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, lean meat and healthy fats, so your body receives the necessary to prevent of yeast infection nutrients.

Replenish water: drink more water and herbal teas, eat more juicy fruits and vegetables, which include, for example, peppers, cucumbers and watermelon.

Exercise four-five times a week, combining cardiovascular and strength training, so your body stayed in shape and was strong.

Lower stress levels. High level of stress not only causes you anxiety; it can also have a significant mental effect. You may notice signs of thrush during the period when experiencing a stressful situation. To prevent the development of infection, you should follow these tips:

  • Being in a stressful environment, don’t forget to take care of themselves. Take time on good nutrition, exercise and the replenishment of water reserves.
  • A Good night’s sleep. Don’t spend the whole night in writing the article – if you’re not careful, your body may suffer. Sleep at night of 7 to 9 hours.

Not all stressful situations can be mitigated, but if you will be able to make your life less busy stress, the risk of infection considerably will decrease. Try to organize your routine so he was less chaotic, delegate house chores, and learn to say “no” when you are too busy.

Eat yogurt and other dairy products. Infections can occur when the body is not enough “good” bacteria in order to resist “bad”. Yogurt contains acidophilus lactic acid bacteria that help restore bacterial balance in the body.

Try not to take antibiotics. Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria that cause infection, but at the same time they reduce the number of those “helpful” bacteria that is necessary to prevent thrush. Do not take antibiotics unless it is absolutely necessary. When you still take them, eat yogurt and limit outside stress so your immune system is not affected.

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