Veganism – is a way of life or diet?

Veganism – the desire to get rid of diseases susceptibility and suggestibility, or indeed belief in the correctness of such a lifestyle? What motivates people who refuse to eat animal?

Veganism is not a diet, power system, and a worldview that is based on the fact that you can’t harm animals. World day of vegetarianism there is a reason to speak about the choice of many people.

Why do vegetarians do not eat meat

Despite the fact that vegetarians are increasing, the company at the table, refusing all the usual and favourite dishes is still perceived as nonsense. Someone thinks this is weird, someone even spare the poor (sick), and my grandmother will be persuaded to eat cake or offended. In any case, this behavior in most cases is surprising. People can’t understand why people deprive themselves of such an important part of life – delicious food. Even more useful and necessary for life. After all, bent on vegetables, poor guy, feel sorry for him. And start to count time, how long it’ll last. Periodically check in on phone calls: how can a barbecue with us? But time passes, and the man looks healthy and happy life.

The reaction of the people with a normal diet for vegetarians the choice is quite understandable phenomenon. Since childhood everyone knows that in order to grow a strong boy and beautiful girl need to eat meat. Meat is often served as a main dish, and a primary indicator of family welfare is often on the table there is meat. Essential amino acids cannot be replaced by anything except meat, and vitamin and mineral content of food will be incomplete without animal products.

Veganism – the benefits and harms

Veganism - the benefits and harmsVeganism, like any social phenomenon, exists because it brings someone a favor. Who are these people?

Vegetarians might classify themselves as a specific group of people with established views of their culture and attitude to life. At least it helps self-identification. It’s time to get together on hangouts vegans and raw foodists, jokes that are understandable only to a narrow circle of like-minded people and, if possible, to announce their choice.

Vegetarians who are older than 40 years often have less weight compared to their peers meat eaters are, and according to some researchers – fewer problems with blood vessels and the heart.

Periodic rejection of meat for a person useful. It helps clear the blood vessels and intestines, to put in order the skin. Often at this time a diet is enriched by new products which compensate for the deficit of microelements, unsaturated acids, vitamins.

The people who did their business on offering products for vegetarians also benefit greatly from vegetarianism. After all, when there was a certain amount of people who believe that killing animals for food and other goods is impossible, has opened a whole niche for manufacturers. After all, vegetarianism is not only the food, the clothes and shoes without violence on animals, cosmetics and medicines.

Negative effects of vegetarianism

Whatever studies were carried out on the impact of vegetarianism on the body, in any case, will be his opponents and supporters. Simply because all people are different, and tend to get about life in the world. Vegetarianism is a choice, and who cares if my choice does not bring discomfort or harm to others. From the point of view of benefit to society vegetarians are very useful to humans: they are more tolerant of others, help to preserve nature, consume less and sorted garbage, prefer healthy lifestyle and get sick less.

Negative effects of vegetarianismBut while a choice for a person one does he is not worried. The issues appear when it comes to the children of vegetarians. At the moment it is considered that vegetarian food can not be complete for your child. In moderate or small amounts, but the meat must be present in the diet of a growing person. The case is even worse, if the parents enter into the child’s diet is dairy products and eggs. That everything you need can be obtained from fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc., multivitamin preparations, for doctors is not a convincing argument.

The same attitude to a complete rejection of animal products in the elderly, although limiting meat consumption even after 60 years is recommended. But insufficient amounts of dairy products leads to lack of protein and calcium, and tryptophan. All this adversely affects the health of the elderly person, and leads to osteoporosis.

Veganism – Yes or No?

The rights of those who are listening to your body and true to my convictions. Science can’t give a definite answer to the question “benefits of vegetarianism or harm?” All the harm that alien to You.

With whom to communicate, what to wear, and what to eat. And it would be good to have people who love meat, take a selection of vegetarian granted. And those who don’t eat meat, and not eating dumplings killers.

When it comes to choosing food for your child, only You can decide. No doctor would recommend to the children a vegetarian diet. And parents of vegetarians should always consider an alternative point of view.

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