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Vegetables in the diet of an infant

Nursing mothers often limit their food safety reasons, so as not to harm the baby. Sometimes it comes to the fact that women refuse from raw vegetables, believing that they can cause an allergic reaction in the child. Whether so it actually? Is it possible to eat vegetables with breastfeeding?

• Vegetables are an indispensable source of vitamins and fibre. If the child is not the propensity to allergies, a young mother can eat them safely.
• In the summer it is better to consume fresh vegetables, and in winter much more useful would be frozen.
• Moms of toddlers-people with allergies to introduce each new product to your diet gradually.

What is the importance of vegetables during breastfeeding?

They should occupy the most important place in the diet of nursing mothers, because they contain a huge amount of nutrients. They can and should be there in any form – fresh, boiled, steamed or baked in the oven.

Fresh vegetables not only provide us with vitamins, but also protect against the appearance of constipation. They contain lots of fiber that is not digested and serve as a natural laxative.

What vegetables can be eaten during lactationYou need to remember that fresh vegetables are best eaten only in summer when they ripen naturally. At other times it is more useful to use frozen food.

This warning is due to the fact that the fruits that are sold in stores all year round, long stored in databases, where they are treated with chemicals. At the time, as if frozen seasonal vegetables perfectly preserved and not lose the vitamins.

What vegetables can be eaten during lactation?

Overall, concerns about their use during breastfeeding is greatly exaggerated. Adverse reaction to the vegetables that eats the mother, the children develop rarely, and not have to worry about any new product.

Only “spicy” vegetables like onions, garlic and cabbage, it is better to exclude from the diet in the first week, because they contain a lot of essential oils that can irritate the intestine and cause flatulence. The consumption of carrots, zucchini, cauliflower, eggplant, potatoes, zucchini no bans no.


The composition of milk is regulated by the mother’s body and it is not as dependent on its power, as is commonly thought. If the family does not tend to allergies and the baby is healthy, you can safely eat any vegetables.

And only if the parents of a child with allergies, or the crumbs already appeared atopic dermatitis, care in composing the diet of lactating moms will be necessary.

Vegetables that you should not eat during pregnancy, you must enter into your diet gradually, starting with small servings. When a disease of the reaction it is desirable to eliminate the product-“agent provocateur” from its menu.

Each new vegetable do not need to enter more than 1 time within two or three days, because the reaction to it may appear a few days later. Adhering to this program, after three months nursing mother can eat almost all foods without any adverse effects for the baby.

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