Vegetarianism – Benefits and Harms to Health

Vegetarianism today is not invented, and disputes about its pros and cons rage.

Some modern doctors with aplomb worthy of a better cause, would argue that vegetarianism is a “mental illness” that it is harmful to health, etc. Let them try to talk about this yogi, because yoga is lactovegetarians power system, proving its effectiveness for a thousand years!

Vegetarian: Indian philosophers-sages has developed a detailed system of human self-perfection. We know about yogas mainly in connection with their physical training, do the real miracles — superhuman agility and flexibility to healings from serious illnesses.

Much worse it is known that these achievements are included with the food — very thought-out vegetarian diet. Yoga have something to say about human consumption of meat, believing that in addition to the harm from him, nothing. Vegetarianism, on the contrary, declared them natural for humans and extremely useful approach to nutrition.

On the other hand, consistent vegans with the same intolerance proves that the human body is not suited for food products of animal origin and that man is not a predator.

The question then arises: why the same body needs vitamin B12 which is absent in plant foods? And generally, because the genome is deciphered, and we now know exactly what “we are, gentlemen, animals”?..

Interview about vegetarianism in England. Recently in the UK conducted a survey on an interesting topic: why, despite the growing popularity of vegetarianism , the benefits of which are becoming more evident, people still have the cautious attitude?

Results were surprising: the majority of respondents answered that all the matter in the emotional intolerance, even fanaticism vegetarians. The adherents of plant foods are too arrogant, being confident in his moral superiority over meat eaters, and too peremptory in their conclusions about the dangers of animal food. It repels those who are still undecided or not going to decide to change their food habits.

Advantages of vegetarianism. When the benefits of vegetarianism exceeds the harm?

Vegetarianism, as we know, different. There are consoles with “lacto-ovo” is when a person eats dairy products and eggs. This power system conventional nutritionists don’t have any questions, it is completely full and has virtually no drawbacks, especially for people after forty years. So, vegetarianism is useful if it does not exclude eggs and milk and if you have entered the second half of life.

But there is strict vegetarianism called veganism, when a person does not eat any animal products. How to be with him? How it is useful, does such cons of vegetarianism? That’s about it mainly will be discussed.

Among undeniable, repeatedly proven serious studies of the benefits of strict vegetarianism — less susceptibility vegetarians such diseases as:

  • atherosclerosis and some types of cancer
  • hypertension and coronary heart disease
  • arthritis, arthrosis and osteoporosis
  • type 2 diabetes and gallstones

A vegetarian diet is lower in calories, so it easier to control weight.

Vegetarian nutritionists say that an adult of average height without any consequences for health can be satisfied with 1500 calories a day. For most of us this level seems unattainable, but if the goal is to lose weight, vegetarianism plus easy fitness is one of the most short and effective of ways.

Vegetarianism is useful if you decide to cleanse itself of toxins, this diet is almost sanitizes the body and contains it in a clean condition.

There’s generally no questions. Open any medical book describing detox diets and you will not find any fat or protein cleansing power. The undoubted advantage of a vegetarian diet is a powerful cleansing potential. One of the main reasons is the large content of fiber in plant food, and the other is the ease of digestion of most foods that are beneficial for the digestive system, resting from the protein “load” on the body.

Vegetarian food leads to normal cholesterol levels and strengthens the immune system, and also supplies the body with very important fiber.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is a real scientific sensation. Previously it was thought that the reduction of animal fats in the diet slightly, but still results in a drop of cholesterol level. However, the situation is more optimistic than it seemed, and the more radical the rejection of meat and meat products, they are more consistent than the transition to vegetarianism, the more pluses for vessels. Undoubted benefits of vegetarianism and diagnosed atherosclerosis.

Finally, in plant foods — vegetables, fruits and grains — contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, volatile.

It should be noted that when we practice mixed feeding, then usually down on the part of vitamins and phytoncides. The transition to vegetarianism immediately changes the situation and we no longer need to take pharmaceutical drugs. The fact that we eat small amounts of animal food and don’t need anything anymore. The transition to a plant-based diet leads to the need to eat more foods and eliminates the deficiency of useful nutrients. When, conditionally speaking, instead of 1 Apple, we eat 1 Apple, 1 kiwi and 1 Cup of currants, then get at least three times more volatile…

So is there any benefit of vegetarianism?

Disadvantages of vegetarianism: a harm exaggerated?

VegetarianismIt should be noted immediately that cons of vegetarianism also there, and they are fat, but only if the vegetarian diet is not balanced.

What is a balanced vegetarian diet, read the detailed article about how to troubleshoot possible deficits and harmonization vegan diet.

However, let’s start:

1 Vegans can become victims of iron deficiency anemia. In plant foods have iron, but not heme, that is poorly absorbed. And this is the question that, if we don’t keep it under control, can lead to tragic consequences.

2 One of the greatest disadvantages of vegetarianism is the “B12 problem”. This vitamin not in plants, it is only in animal products. Without vitamin B12 developing serious and irreversible diseases of the nervous system. When people talk about the dangers of vegetarianism, I mean first of all this fact.

3 Animal proteins have a great advantage over vegetable proteins, including soy protein. Meanwhile, proteins are the building material for cells and tissues. Without it can’t produce the hormones, enzymes.

4 In the body of a vegan is often observed deficiency of calcium, iodine, vitamin D and zinc, and it is also minus the vegetarianism, which should definitely count.

5 the Rejection of fish leads to a lack of important vitamins and minerals, especially marine omega-3 polyunsaturated acids, which cannot be replaced by vegetable. This refusal has two effects:

  • Possible development of cardiovascular disease
  • Development of cataracts and lens opacity

6 it is Known that fiber is very useful: it removes cholesterol, glucose, the toxins. However, its excessive use can harm health, as it interferes with the absorption of protein and it is also minus the vegetarian food.

7 Vegetarianism is harmful, even contraindicated for people suffering from asthenic syndrome, debilitated, recovering from surgery.

8 Many doctors believe that the cons of vegetarianism does not allow to recommend it for pregnant and lactating. First, women in this position, we must constantly replenish the nutrients that they give. Secondly, some fruits and vegetables the child may be allergic.

9 Known cases where strict vegan diet lead to menstrual dysfunction and infertility in young girls. However, there is no evidence that this is due to the harm of vegetarianism, and not some other, albeit related reason.

For each of the items of the list of experts in vegetarian nutrition has a lot to answer. And they do it so convincingly that the cons become pros of vegetarianism.

If we make the main brief summary statement, they would be:

Provided correctly organized diet of the strict vegetarian will ensure that taken as supplements B12, omega-3 fatty acids and possibly calcium.

All other components of nutrition in a vegetarian diet are present in sufficient quantity.

However, because people are different, and not all the nuances of the science known to reduce nutritional strategies to a common denominator is not necessary. Someone vegetarianism “just in size”, but for someone it is unbearable hungry existence. And this question is very appropriate tolerance.

But probably the best talk about the benefits and dangers of vegetarianism reports from his followers.

Reviews about vegetarianism, the pros and cons of diet

1. “Good health

I eat very little meat for the past year — for example, at funerals of relatives I would rejoin the meal, but I never buy it home and if there is an option, choose fruits. I haven’t lost weight but feel so much better. Looks like I’m gradually becoming a vegetarian. And someone will have to tell me about the dangers of vegetarianism?”

Stopped headache, increased energy and General well being

I stopped eating meat and drinking milk a month ago. I’m 47 and I feel very easily, as if dropped 20 years. Surprised myself, maybe next will be not so great? I’m afraid that will remain without B12, pharmacies see injections of this vitamin and haven’t decided how to take it in the future. Best of all, no longer a headache (which I got on a vegetarian diet) and greatly improved mood. I had energy after work and I am happy to go to the gym (it was can). Now I just sleep less and became much more General well-being. And I lost 1 kilogram. Reading now books about the benefits and dangers of vegetarianism, lean from experience that the benefits are much greater.”

2. “All the time was hungry

I was sitting on a normal detox diet 14 days, first time in my life for such a long vegetarian diet. I masouda, so for me it feat. What can I say? I survived, even lost 1 kg 800 g, but is unlikely to be able to repeat this marathon. The fact that I was hungry, and now I want, and eat all the time, and returned all that he lost. In General, do not vegetarianism.”

3. “got Rid of diverticulitis, acne, splitting nails, weight

I always hesitated to call myself a vegetarian because I’m afraid that will laugh. Although I think that I healthier than many peers, probably due to diet. I was very fat and lost many pounds over the years, can’t say how many, but I am now slimmer than I was when I was in high school. I think it’s hard to live without a glass of cold milk and cheese, so 2 times a month afford them, or they to me will dream. But more does not allow. Today I have almost no problems with diverticulitis, I have clean and beautiful hair, nails, skin, especially facial skin, which previously was terrible. I’m not exfoliate more nails and almost completely gone acne. It was such a huge problem in my life that I even remember unpleasant and they are long gone. Acne and red meat are linked strongly.”

4. “the Remission of multiple sclerosis

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I am 33 years old. After reading several books and studies that show the link between disease and diet, I quickly moved on to veganism. It’s only been a few months, and I’m not ready to scream, then recovered, but feel much better, even well, my attention has improved and most of the symptoms disappeared. My neurologist says it may be in remission as a result of treatment with medicines. But I’m still excited, because this remission somehow coincided with the fact that I changed my diet to vegetarian. Previously, it somehow did not occur, and then immediately and quickly.”

5. “eating meat and processed foods is a mistake

I came to vegetarianism two years ago. I’m 42 years old, in five months my life has completely changed, I lost over 17 kg and my Outlook on life changed. Now I consume only raw vegetables and fruits and sometimes cheese and low-fat yogurt. I consume more cooked foods. I eat plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals, honey, juices and smoothies and don’t need processed foods. It’s a mistake to cook on the fire, just a mistake people do that makes them unhealthy.”

editorial Comments: this is one of the types of vegetarianism — raw food, which shares a small percentage of vegetarians.

6. “10 kg …but who’s counting

I went to vegetarianism about 6 months ago and have lost 3 sizes. I didn’t take any fitness efforts, in addition to daily walks with my dog. For me this power, it makes my waist thinner. I think that health benefits and vegetarianism are synonymous.”

7. “Fanatics are not vegetarians, but “correct” nutritionists

I’m 58, and I was a vegetarian all his life. I read about the dangers of vegetarianism in bewilderment, because apart from the benefit to their “carcasses” never felt a thing. Maybe I’m still ahead? Recently on TV a young doctor stated that “vegetarians should be treated”. Here she is intolerant, “right” fanatic, “knowing” the absolute truth, unfortunately, in our country there has always been a lot.”

8. “Our country is not suitable for vegetarians

I switched to vegetarianism to lose weight. In combination with exercise it really works. But the first thing I noticed was increased energy. Before I drank energy drinks to combat fatigue. But vegetarian food helped me, improved defecation, overall health, mental state. I agree with people who say they are against meat. Unfortunately, there are not many, and nothing in the country for vegetarians not suitable. There is no food in the stores and iPhone (only in large or ethnically, and even then not all). Not in the pharmacy of vitamin B12, it is necessary to write from Europe and the USA via the Internet, in General, a lot of problems. I appreciated all the advantages of vegetarianism, but do not know how to follow it, so as not to harm your health. So do not dare.”

9. “I do not eat anybody”

I became a vegetarian because I don’t like killing animals. And like the vegetarian slogan “I don’t eat”. I’m a very healthy person, I don’t have high cholesterol, I have normal blood pressure. But I just feel sorry for animals.”

10. “My cholesterol is normal!

I am 53 years old. 2 years ago was diagnosed with atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. I almost immediately switched to plant-based diet, very radical sitting on a diet Ornish. Plus, I took the minimum dose of statins. 1 year cholesterol was perfect and for 2 years has disappeared stenokardia seizures. Improved health overall, completely gone which I had been suffering hypoxia. In General, vegetarianism with me forever!”

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