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Visit to the Gynecologist while on your period

Regular visit to the gynecologist — a mandatory part of the adult life of every girl. Even if the woman has no complaints, the inspection must be carried out annually, and preferably 2 times during this period. Some diseases of the reproductive system a long time does not give obvious symptoms, identify them at an early stage can only be a specialist. But what if an examination by a gynecologist appointed at the time when I started menstruation? Is it possible to go to the gynecologist during pregnancy or better to wait? To answer these questions, you must submit, what information can you give the examination, analyses, and whether menstruation is to stop it.

Visit to the gynecologist  during menstruation

To visit the gynecologist follows up with a teenager. This is necessary to ensure proper development of the reproductive organs, the absence of inflammation, infection, tumors, which have ceased to be a rarity at a young age. Inspection never had sexual contact with girls is different than adult women. The doctor through the rectum conducts palpation of the vagina, uterus and appendages. The patient during manipulation is on the gynecological chair. If she has no complaints and deviations from the norm, the inspection will stop. Find warning signs, a specialist will probably prescribe an ultrasound of the pelvic organs. To take swabs for infections and for the analysis for Cytology, if necessary, using special medical devices, which can not damage the hymen.

A gynecological examination of women sexually active by using a tool called gynecological mirror. With its help, the doctor evaluates:

  • State of the vagina (mucosa, walls, microflora);
  • Cervix Uteri. Erosive changes, damage can be seen in the literal sense of the word;
  • discharge from the genital tract (consistency, profusion, color, smell).

Palpation specialist determines the position of the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes. Completing a gynecological examination PAP smears for infection and Cytology.

It is obvious that much of the information about the patient’s health, the doctor gets visual. This means that menstrual periods especially in the middle of the process, when they are abundant, hurt to see the whole picture. Swabs for infections and the Cytology in this case will contain blood and endometrial epithelium. In addition, it is unsanitary and uncomfortable for the woman. So go on routine inspection to the gynecologist after a month it is more expedient to obtain the specialist a complete picture of the health of the reproductive system of the woman or her pathologists

To Go to the gynecologist during your period

There are circumstances when a visit to the gynecologist is of the essence. We are talking about emergencies when menstruation is accompanied by disturbing symptoms:

  • Severe pain in the area of the genitals;
  • High temperature;
  • Abundant secretions;
  • Too big duration of critical days;
  • Unnatural color selections, unpleasant smell;
  • Breast Pain;
  • Itching and burning in the genital tract.

Gyno during your periodAll of these characteristics and any of them individually testify to the inflammatory process that require immediate expert intervention. Such manifestations are infections, Allergy to used hygiene products. To determine what was the cause of sensations, it is impossible. And the delay with the visit to the doctor will delay the correct diagnosis, and hence treatment, giving the disease the likely to develop and to acquire a life-threatening form. Therefore, in this case, menstruation does not hurt the gynecologist to examine the patient and assign the appropriate therapy.

This equally applies to women who recently gave birth. Their first visit to the gynecologist must be held within 2 months after the baby arrives. All this time the woman observes a discharge, resulting from childbirth. After 8 weeks they become a regular character. Visiting the doctor all the more necessary if, instead, found:

  • Increased bleeding;
  • Abdominal Pain;
  • Hardening of the breast.

In all circumstances the gynecologist will interview the patient, conduct examination of the abdominal cavity, assign the ultrasound, if needed. The combination of all methods will allow the specialist to adequately assess the woman’s condition, despite reaching selection, choose the appropriate treatment.

How to prepare a gynecological examination

In the absence of emergency is of great importance that, on what day after your period can you go to the gynecologist. The experts say that the best time is 1-4 days after the critical days. This period of examination and materials tests the most informative.

The woman is also easier to provide them with the necessary manipulation conditions:

  • Absence the day before the examination of vaginal sex. This will allow the specialist to see the lining of the vagina without abrasions and redness, as well as the allocation without the admixture of seminal fluid. The latter can skew the results;
  • A More relaxed psychological state, which in the critical days is sometimes impossible;
  • Hygiene before visit to the gynecologist. The genitals should be clean to douche but it is impossible to avoid disturbance of the vaginal microflora.

Besides the above, a pelvic exam is necessary to come with an emptied bladder and bowels. Prohibited before visiting the doctor to use perfume for the genital area, it can affect the test results. The same role can be played by a woman and taken antibiotics, antifungals. Therefore, a visit to a specialist is better to postpone for a week or two after the treatment them.

A visit to the gynecologist during pregnancy depends on the circumstances. Professional the gynecologist, nothing will prevent to establish the diagnosis during menstruation. But if there is no need for it urgent care, it is better to postpone the inspection for a period after the critical days.

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