Water diet

Water is the source of life on earth. Without it it is difficult to imagine a normal existence of man, animals and plants. It has unique properties: contains a minimal amount of calories, is a good conductor, can be charged positive and negative energy. Scientists have proven that the human body on 80% consists of water. And nutritionists are convinced that, through this liquid you can clean your body of toxins and remove extra pounds, following a simple but effective diet for the lazy on the water.

Many girls trying to lose weight, go on strict diets, but face different challenges.

Cons of the water diet:

  • not Enough high-calorie food devoid of minerals and vitamins.
  • hunger and discomfort after Breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • long working hours, not allowing to follow a diet.
  • there are No financial possibilities to buy the products needed to diet (important for residents of the village).
  • Constant breakdowns, night “raids” on the fridge in search of tasty and nutritious food.

Water diet – diet for the lazy!

Nutritionists have invented and developed a reliable system for getting rid of extra pounds. It allows you to save money and personal time to protect the nervous system from overload, not to give up favorite food products.

Water diet – the best way to lose weight for lazy Americans and Europeans. In addition, there are two options water diet is a small correction and a significant loss in the short term. Depending on the goals, the girls manage to lose 3 to 18 kg.

The main rule of the diet for the lazy on the water — drinking pure and sparkling water before Breakfast, lunch, dinner and various meals. The amount of liquid increase gradually, so the body has adapted to the new diet.

Water diet – Lite

Water diet - diet for the lazyEvery morning drink 200 ml. of warm non-carbonated water with adding slices of orange or grapefruit. It is recommended to use water, filtered water, or bottled mineral water. Drink water in small SIPS slowly. Nutritionists recommend to exclude from a diet of strong tea, lemonade and coffee drinks. Shortly before dinner drink a glass of warm water, which will cleanse the body of toxins. This option water diet for the lazy helps you to feel ease in the body and lose up to 3 kg, as a result freely to fit into jeans that became small and narrow.

Water diet – Full

Basic power system needs to be adjusted for girls wishing to lose from 10 to 18 kg and a long time to maintain the result. You will need to drink several glasses of pure water before Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Remember to drink warm water should in small SIPS. This is important. Nutritionists believe that drinking the liquid quickly fills the volume of the stomach, the brain receives information about the feeding, the sensation of hunger.Scientists have proven that the extra pounds go away forever, if you stick to a specific technique. Before Breakfast is recommended to drink 200 ml of warm water, half an hour before lunch — 400 ml, shortly before dinner — 600 ml. adhere to this technique can be difficult, because the ordinary person is difficult to force myself to drink 3 cups of water. In the summer the constant companion of the Americans becomes a thirst, so have no issues lazy to follow diet on the water. In winter the situation changes. The desire to drink 3 glasses of water before dinner turns into a heroic deed, perfect in winter time for slimming and beauty.

Rules nutrition water diet

Rules nutrition water dietDeveloped by nutritionists, the power supply system normalizes metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the condition of the body, gets rid of the hated kilograms. Only there are important rules that must be followed. Failure to follow these recommendations will lead to sad consequences.

  • Buy mineral or drinking water in a safe supermarket, ask the certificate of quality. Allowed to pass through the filters the water that comes out of the tap.
  • Being on a diet can’t drink more than 3 liters of purified water per day. Failure to do so is a direct route to cardiovascular and urogenital diseases. Increased fluid intake enhances the appearance of swelling of the entire body.
  • Nutritionists forbid the user to sit on the mono-diet. Need a break. The ideal option would be the observance of lazy water diet for 1 month. Remember that you are allowed to drink only pure water before meals. Fruit drinks, carbonated drinks, meat broths, fruit juices are completely excluded.
  • Diet will be useless if you drink fluids after meals. This violates the digestive processes, and cause unpleasant effects: chronic constipation, feeling of bloating and heaviness in the stomach, bad mood and health. Doctors advise to refrain from drinking and clean water within 2 hours after Breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Diet for the lazy on the water is a reliable way to say goodbye to excess weight, as well as get rid of allergic reactions due to its General cleaning of unnecessary and toxic substances accumulated over the years.

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