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Water in the diet of a newborn – at what age

• Breast milk is not only food, but also the ideal drink for an infant. In addition to nutrients, it contains 87% water and thus has important properties that help the digestion of the baby, not found in ordinary drinking water.

• Up to 4 months the baby can drink water or to finish feeding the mixture only for strict medical reasons. Not worth doing it at their own discretion, not to harm his health.

• In hot weather or during illness with increasing temperature, the child needs more chest. At the age of 4 to 6 months the baby can offer water from a Cup, but not to insist on the need to drink. Safe water dose for children of this age – not more than 60 ml per day.

Breast milk and water – can be combined?

Nature provides that a newborn baby receives breast milk from birth. And a mother’s body is designed in such a way that perfectly adapts to the child’s needs day in and day out.

Composition of breast milk varies not only with the age of the baby, but also depending on the situation. For example, if the child has an increased need for fluids, he often applied to the chest and often requires her to change.

As a result, the baby is thirsty, the front gets a lot of milk, which is 88%. However, unlike water, this liquid is not washed away from his body electrolytes, maintaining their balance inviolable.

Even adults if dehydration is not recommended to drink pure water, and glucose (grape sugar) and mineral salts that the body needs. Front milk contains lactose (milk sugar) and required salt.

That’s why it not only reimburses the loss of body fluids infants, but also supply of electrolytes. In addition, and in front and in back, the more fat the milk contains a set of enzymes, vitamins, biologically active substances that aid digestion of the baby. When a child gets water or tea for infants in addition to breast milk, the concentration of these nutrients in the body is reduced, which means that the intestines and stomach of the baby become more vulnerable to bacteria and consequences of enzyme deficiency. Conclusion: the healthy breast-fed infant needs only breast milk until the age of first introduction of complementary foods.

Can water be a cure?

Even among doctors there is no consensus on whether to give water to the baby until 4-6 months, if he has a high fever or you have an intestinal infection. In any case, the appointment of a kid drinking should be stated clearly with the doctor.

Only he should say, how much, when and of what dishes you have to give the liquid to the child. At the moment there is no proof that water, which is prescribed newborn child with fever or dehydration, from a Cup or bottle, good for him.

In severe cases, the kids get a special solution through a drip. In other situations, modern pediatricians recommend to compensate the loss of fluid is not water, expressed breast milk from a Cup or from a spoon, if the baby cannot be breastfed.

Even with vomiting you can give breast milk in very small amounts but very frequently, so as not to cause reverse reflex. If the doctor believes that the child needs water, it needs to specify this in the list of appointments and to determine what dose would be safe specifically for your kid.

For children up to 4-5 weeks water carries additional risks.

• If you give water to a child with physiological jaundice, it can cause the bilirubin will be excreted more slowly and the problem will be delayed. Breast milk in sufficient quantities removes bilirubin is much faster because it has a debilitating effect, and bilirubin leaves the child with a chair. If necessary, in addition to breastfeeding a baby with jaundice need to give expressed breast milk.

• An infant who has received a large volume of water, not feeling hungry, so sucks less milk mom. This can lead to weight loss, because water contains no calories, and put the amount of breast milk the baby gets.

• If the newborn child is given too much water, can occur water intoxication – poisoning water. It leads to acute edema and life threatening condition. The world Health Organization (who) indicates that a healthy child who gets breast milk on demand, drink water before 6 months is not necessary.

Water for baby

Water for babyFor kids older than 4 months of safe normal water can be considered as 30-60 ml and only under the condition that the child requires it and drinks from a Cup with help from their parents. If the kid refuses, do not insist, often offer the breast.

Most infants who are fed only breast milk, I prefer to drink them even lure and refuse water. Reluctance to drink it for a child older than 6 months is not dangerous, if he gets adequate amount of breast milk.

Even on very hot days babies receiving breast milk on demand, protected from dehydration. It is important that the mother drank enough, not overheated and not Kuta child.

At temperatures above 25°C the kid, who is wearing a diaper and clothes with long sleeves, overheats and loses more fluids. Instead have him drink water, it is better to undress the child and offer him the breast.

Really water is needed by the baby when he starts eating solid food. Offer breast milk or water after each feeding with the participation of dishes feeding. For most children who were exclusively breastfed, passes from one to two months after the introduction of first complementary foods before they drink any significant amount of water.

In 8 months most babies are happy to drink water. Do not offer too much, because at this age children should still get plenty of breast milk. With the year the child determines the amount of water that it needs. It is possible to offer him after each feeding solid food.

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