Weakness and drowsiness in pregnancy

Weakness in pregnancy is a fairly common ailment. To avoid it, you need to first determine the causes of discomfort.

Significant changes the body of a pregnant woman, the increased need for vitamins and minerals, increased load on the systems and organs can provoke feelings of fatigue and apathy.

The causes of weakness in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition in which there are large changes in the body that prepares for the emergence and development of new life. Already in the first weeks of pregnancy are major changes during hormonal processes.

For example, progesterone, which is able to prepare the reproductive organs of conception and embryo development, significantly increases their activity and the level in the blood. Also, this hormone has an effect on the immune system: it is necessary to ensure that the expectant mother didn’t take the fertilized egg, as a foreign body, and did not reject him. Not of the most pleasant actions of progesterone can be called his property to hold fluid in the tissues that cause the appearance of papilloedema and depresses the psychological condition of the pregnant woman.

Estrogens are necessary to enhance the development of the uterus, stabilizing the pressure and vascular tone.

The change in the hormonal balance in the body depends on the health of future mothers and contributes to feelings of weakness, fatigue, even apathy. This condition occurs in pregnant so often that it is considered quite normal for the period of gestation. While in the body will occur hormonal changes, feelings of weakness and sleepiness, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.

During this period, it is recommended not to overload the body with excessive activity and activity, to relax and eat well.

Weakness in early pregnancy

Weakness in pregnancy Directly at the beginning of pregnancy organs and systems of the female body has to adapt to a new state. In addition, hormonal changes takes a lot of energy, and the body simply gets tired.

However, in order to combat manifestations of weakness, need, first, to deal with the true causes of this condition.

If, after consulting with the doctor and passed certain examinations, it appears that the cause of weakness is the restructuring of the balance of the hormones cause for concern. It is considered quite normal, and this period has to be experienced.

The difficulties experienced by those women who because of the circumstances you need to go to work, deal with other pressing matters, implying a certain physical activity. It is possible to advise?

To avoid stressful situations, do not be nervous.

To ensure restful sleep.

To walk in the fresh air.

Eat well, eat high-calorie, energy-rich food.

In the morning gymnastics, simple exercises that will help to Wake up.

Over time, the body will adapt to the “interesting position”, the balance of hormones stabilize, and weakness and retreat.

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Weakness during pregnancy

Weakness and dizziness during pregnancyIf during pregnancy feel dizzy, spongy feet, literally no strength for anything, sometimes there is a sense of loss of consciousness – may be the reason lies in the reduction of blood pressure.

The cause decompression may be increasing the amount of estrogen in the period of gestation, which tend to relax the vascular wall, thereby contributing to the pressure drop.

Sometimes the symptoms of hypotension occur due to the development of toxemia, which is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, loss of fluid and body weight, lack of appetite.

In the late stages the cause of hypotension may be the increasing compression of the uterus to the inferior Vena cava, which hinders the blood flow to the heart and brain.

Circulatory disorders badly affect not only the health of the pregnant woman, but also on the oxygen saturation of the child, which may trigger the development of hypoxia and premature birth.

Nausea and weakness during pregnancy, formed by lowering the pressure, severely limit the delivery of the baby of oxygen. This process cannot be run because the lack of oxygen can occur intrauterine development of the child, spontaneous abortion and prematurity.

Blood pressure pregnant should be monitored periodically and to prevent the development of undesirable complications.

Drowsiness and weakness in pregnancy

The main cause drowsiness pregnant women is a significant energy losses associated with excessive emotional stress, which takes a lot of strength and energy, and hormonal imbalance. New information, feelings, impressions, may be, and the fear of the unknown, robs women large amount of energy. The body to enter a new and unknown state for him, so quickly get tired, in need of rest and, primarily, in the full sleep.

A woman may choose to sleep everywhere: at home, at work, driving, walking. In addition, may disrupt the quality of sleep: sleepy, but sleep does not work. It is unknown what causes snoring, feeling cramps in my sleep, pain in joints and limbs, fatigue. Drowsiness overcomes at lunch and the afternoon. Despite the seemingly restful sleep, Wake up in the morning very difficult. Such symptoms may be a characteristic most often in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Temperature and weakness in pregnancy

The increase in body temperature during pregnancy can sometimes be caused directly by the pregnancy. The synthesis of a large number of progesterone is one of the causes of hyperthermia. In addition, during pregnancy oppressed defenses women in order to reduce the risk of rejection of the embryo by the immune defense. This is a necessary measure, which can sometimes be accompanied by a thermal reaction.

The temperature increase is not dangerous and frequent phenomenon in the period of gestation. However, this increase should not go beyond 37-37,5 S. otherwise, you should consult a specialist, as a cause of sudden temperature rise can be inflammatory or infectious disease, requiring medical intervention.

The most dangerous temperature rise in the last weeks before birth: hyperthermia at this period poses a risk of fetal infection, and complications of the cardiovascular system and kidneys pregnant. This situation requires immediate doctor’s consultation.

Constant weakness in pregnancy

One of the most frequent causes permanent weakness during pregnancy can be the development of iron deficiency, which is caused by the decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the bloodstream.

The main purpose of hemoglobin delivers oxygen molecules in tissues and organs of the body: oxygen is captured in the lungs and is carried to all requiring its agencies for further development in them of redox reactions and energy generation capacity for the normal functioning in the body. Breaking the sequence of this process causes a permanent unexplained weakness, apathy.

Pregnant women should have a minimal amount of hemoglobin from 110 g/L.

To confirm the diagnosis of lower hemoglobin concentrations, you must pass a detailed analysis of a blood (from a finger), or analysis on the concentration of iron in the blood plasma (blood from a vein), as well as analysis on iron binding capacity of blood plasma.

The reasons for lowering the amount of hemoglobin can be poor diet, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease of the stomach, duodenitis.

Also the reasons could be hidden blood loss: such cases are possible with hemorrhoids, periodontal disease, hereditary pathologies.

Weakness in the mornings during pregnancy

During pregnancy it is highly recommended to take care of yourself and your future baby: sleep exactly the amount of time that urges your body. No need to perevozbujdenie the nervous system, prevent large emotional stress. In the evening you can stroll in the fresh air, to take a warm shower, drink a Cup of warm milk before bedtime. Such simple methods guarantee a full and healthy sleep.

Hot tub, excessive eating before bedtime, strong tea and coffee in the afternoon, not only harm the unborn baby, and will cause poor sleep and a feeling of weakness and sleepiness after awakening.

To head to bed should be made early, sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Sleep is necessary in a well-ventilated room, in comfortable clothes, choosing a comfortable sleeping position.

During pregnancy and allowed NAPs 1-2 hours depending on the requirements of the body. However, unfortunately, the possibility of a NAP exists only in women not working or being on maternity leave.

Weakness in the body during pregnancy

Weakness during pregnancy may be due to the manifestation of dystonia. This disease occurs most often in slim women. Signs can be a morning fatigue, frequent headaches, weakness in the body. Any coffee or any other energy drink does not help: sleep hard and Wake up broken.

The manifestation of dystonia during pregnancy may be accompanied by a feeling of pins and needles, weakness in the hands and feet, tingling, anemia, destabilizing pressure.

The clinical picture of the disease may be very different, so an accurate diagnosis can only spend a specialist. If you suspect the presence of this disease, and weakness in the body appears regularly, in that case, you should consult with your doctor. In any case, do not self-medicate, especially during pregnancy. Remember – it is your responsibility not only for their health but also for the condition of the unborn baby.

Weakness in hands during pregnancy

Weakness in hands can be a symptom of the common manifestations of weakness during pregnancy. However, it can occur as a symptom of some other diseases.

If weakness in the arms appears after long-term loads on the upper limb, with frequent carrying of heavy bags, uncomfortable clothes, due to professional activity, or because of the cold weather – this expression is not considered a disease.

Frequent and chronic weakness in the arms for no apparent reason can be a sign of a pathological condition requiring consultation:

  • the phenomenon of cervical degenerative disc disease – damage to the intervertebral discs of the cervical spine in which there has been a pinched nerve endings;
  • signs of cervical spondylosis is accompanied by the growth of osteophytes in the vertebrae;
  • injury of the upper limb joints;
  • symptoms of neuralgia of the shoulder joint as a result of inflammatory processes, infectious diseases, hypothermia;
  • vascular disorders.

Sometimes struggle with weakness in the hands using gymnastic exercises every morning. Active physical exercise helps to improve blood circulation in the limbs and tidal forces.

Weakness in the legs during pregnancy

If the signs of weakness in the legs are not connected with the General condition during pregnancy, the reasons may be:

  • the phenomenon of atherosclerosis. This disease is often accompanied by ischemia of lower extremities, due to their narrowing and blockage. Additional symptoms of this disease is the feeling of frozen legs that occur even in the heat, numbness, night cramps. It is important to identify and control the disease;
  • the signs of varicose veins. As is known, the disease may worsen during pregnancy because of increasing pressure on the blood vessels of the lower extremities. Even in the absence of visible lesions venous system disease may signal weakness, fatigue in the legs, swelling, heaviness. Normalization of the blood flow in a horizontal body position and the raised position of the lower limbs;
  • the presence of flat feet. The presence of foot deformities, especially during pregnancy increases the feeling of weakness in the legs. Fatigue is amplified by the evening, almost vanishing in the following morning. Accompanied by pain in the extremities, particularly in the ankle joint, as well as the weight when walking.

Weakness in the first trimester of pregnancy

New and unusual for the body condition – pregnancy – brings about changes in the issues of life and functioning of systems and organs. Endurance and energy expenditure of the body change drastically. Needless to say how much energy is expended only on the emotional state of a woman who finds out she is pregnant?

Nervous system of pregnant women is very sensitive to the concentration of progesterone, which is important in the regulation of sleep quality and causes weakness and excessive drowsiness. This hormone induces yawning during the day and a wild desire to sleep in the evening.

What can you recommend in this case? Of course, sleep! Sleep as much as the body requires for his full recovery. Go to bed in advance, at least until midnight: this is conducive to a restful sleep.

You can try to sleep and during the day – for example, around 12 noon or in the afternoon. Even 20-30 minutes of sleep will restore your strength and boosts your energy and vitality throughout the rest of the day.

Weakness in the second trimester of pregnancy

Usually with the onset of the second trimester pregnant women report improved overall health, the disappearance of sleepiness. This is due to the stabilization of the body’s adaptation to hormonal changes. If weakness and fatigue persist, you should consult a specialist, as this condition can cause anemia.

The female body in the period of gestation uses trace elements much more intensively than under normal circumstances. This is due, primarily, to the fact that the expectant mother is required to ensure the formation and growth of the baby, to share their reserves of vitamins, minerals, particularly iron. Iron is required by our body for red blood cell formation and maintenance of tissues.

Iron deficiency anemia is accompanied by dizziness, weakness, constant desire to “sleep”, dry and pale skin, brittleness and loss of hair, scaly skin.

If you notice these symptoms pregnant you should consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Weakness in the third trimester of pregnancy

A feeling of weakness in late pregnancy is quite common and is often considered the norm. Often this condition is caused by increased load on the body as a whole, the increase in the number of circulating blood, signs of anemia. If the weakness is not critical, is not accompanied by other suspicious symptoms, don’t worry.

Excessive sleepiness and fatigue can be alarming if it appears along with the late toxemia of pregnancy. This pathological condition is accompanied by swelling, increased blood pressure and proteinuria.

The formidable appearance of the symptoms of toxemia (preeclampsia) may signal a serious complication – eclamptic condition characterized by the development of convulsions caused by disorders of the brain. Drowsiness in such cases, combined with nausea, vomiting, headaches, vision problems.

When suspicious symptoms preeclamptics state to appeal to the specialist must be urgent and immediate.

Fatigue during pregnancy

Weakness during pregnancy can be considered a legitimate phenomenon. However, the sudden attack of weakness can be caused not so innocuous reasons, among which are the following:

  • signs of toxemia of pregnancy is accompanied by nausea, dehydration, dizziness, due to the adaptation of the organism to the new conditions;
  • excess pressure on the major blood vessels in the third trimester of pregnancy. The increase in the volume of the uterus can cause the constriction of blood vessels that disrupts the brain and the blood oxygen levels;
  • the decrease in the concentration of hemoglobin in the bloodstream is a common condition that provokes oxygen starvation of
  • the brain tissue;
  • the decrease in the level of glucose in the blood is associated with disorders of alimentary behavior (eating disorders, excess simple carbohydrates in the diet, excessive sugar, candies, cakes);
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia and osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.
Weakness, as a sign of pregnancy

Can excessive weakness and fatigue as first symptom of pregnancy? In principle, it can. Complex and important hormonal changes the life systems of the body is often the cause of unexplained weakness and wasting. Moreover, at first, the weakness may be the only symptom of a new state of the organism. However, in practice, this initial characteristic symptom for women with a heightened sensitivity to hormonal imbalance.

In other cases, the weakness may be a symptom of many pathological States may even require medical consultation.

Not to implicitly rely on the presence of only one symptom, perhaps confirming the pregnancy. When the first suspicions have your blood for the increase of human chorionic gonadotropin, or simply purchase in a drugstore the test strip, and get an answer to your question. Increasing the level of HCG occurs during the first week after conception, therefore, such evidence is much more effective.

What to do with the weakness during pregnancy?

What to do with the weakness during pregnancyWhat to do when drowsiness and weakness? First of all, do not panic! Weakness is almost all pregnant, and you are no exception.

To cope with bouts of weakness can help General recommendations:

  • periodic rest for both body and soul. Quality sleep at least 8 hours a day, not including daily rest;
  • frequent small meals about 6 times a day;
  • welcome taking a contrast shower with continuously variable temperature water;
  • gymnastic exercises in the morning and during the day, walking in the fresh air, avoiding busy roads and concentrations of the exhaust gas;
  • eating foods rich in iron (red meat, liver, seafood, buckwheat, nuts, fruits).

You should not overeat, especially at night; it is advisable not to abuse coffee, strong tea, chocolate, Coca-Cola. The temperature in the room where you sleep, not to exceed 20-21, the bedroom should be aired overnight.

If you are going on a long walk, grab a bottle of water for drinking and a little ammonia in case you dizzy.

Weakness in pregnancy is not a reason for feelings. Enjoy your state, and more often imagine how develops inside of you a new life, and give him to her future baby, only happy and positive emotions.

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