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Weakness and fatigue increases in recent weeks/months

Urgency: Requires attention

Found 24 diseases with symptom & nbsp;Weakness and fatigue increases in recent weeks/months .

the feeling of severe fatigue has been observed for at least 6 months

Indication of symptom

General Weakness / malaise

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Diphtheria high 11-14
Nephrotic crisis high 4-6
rectal Cancer high 12-15
colon cancer high 4-6
letterer’s disease high 10-14
Visceral leishmaniasis high 19-26
Lyme disease, stage II high 7-9
Glomerulonephritis acute high 10-13
secondary renal Amyloidosis (nephritic stage) high 3-5 + basicform
insulin-Dependent diabetes high 17-23
liver Cirrhosis viral high 15-20
the Indication of the tuberculosis (lung) (disorder) high 4-5
alcoholic liver Cirrhosis high 14-18
pulmonary Tuberculosis fibrous-cavernous high 19-25
multiple Myeloma high 10-13
Nephrotic syndrome high 12-16
Glomerulonephritis chronic high 5-7
Cachexia (syndrome) high 5-7
Tuberculosis of the intrathoracic lymph nodes average 15-20
Ascariasis-intestinal stage average 8-10
iron deficiency Anemia average 4-6
Energy deficit (syndrome) average 3-5
copper Deficiency average 10-13
Familial Mediterranean fever low 9-12


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