Symptom Checker

Weakness increases rapidly (within minutes/hours or days)

Term: Progressive weakness

Urgency: Requires attention

Found 10 diseases with symptom Weakness rapidly increasing (within minutes/hours or day).

Indication of symptom

General Weakness / malaise

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Acute left ventricular heart failure high 18-24
myocardial Infarction (abdominal/gastralgic form) high 10-13
myocardial Infarction (painless or asthmatic form) high 7-9
Gynecological “acute abdomen” of uncertain etiology high 8-10
Hypovolemic shock high 4-5
Traumatic shock high 9-11
Acute bleeding (syndrome) high 5-6
Poisoning by a substance that destroys blood hemoglobin high 4-5
Heat stroke high 7-9
liver Peliosis high 10-14


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