What not to do during pregnancy

The first restriction during pregnancy begin with the diet of a pregnant woman. In fact, the food that uses a woman, and is the key to the full development of the baby because the organisms get the necessary vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the fetus. First of all, avoid dieting to lose weight is to starve yourself is fraught with many consequences. If a woman adheres to any diet for health reasons, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Also it is impossible to prevent dehydration.

These foods not to eat pregnant:

These foods not to eat pregnant

  • Try to avoid consumption of cinnamon, parsley or Basil – they can have a negative impact on the digestive system of the pregnant woman;
  • Avoid raw eggs (except quail), your favorite sushi, shellfish, dried fish during pregnancy the risk of Contracting salmonellosis is growing, not to mention such an unpleasant problem as helminths;
  • During pregnancy avoid smoked meat, because the bacteria are not destroyed completely. Prefer dishes of boiled or stewed meat;
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, but need to wash them very carefully. If you are not sure of the origin of products, it is best to douse them with boiling water before use;
  • Some dairy products also have to be excluded from the diet – yogurt, cheese, brie, feta and other soft types, which are made from unpasteurized milk. Safe only cheeses made from pasteurized milk;
  • Strictly prohibited the consumption of alcohol and caffeine, your doctor may allow you to treat yourself to a Cup of coffee, but very rarely. Such products may increase blood pressure, but it’s not the best thing for a pregnant woman, so coffee safely replaceable chicory, and wine is fresh juice;
  • Not keen on citrus, chocolate, strawberry, nuts, exotic fruits and vegetables – they may in the future cause allergies in children;
  • If possible, avoid products which have dyes, stabilizers, thickeners, flavor enhancers and taste;
  • On pregnancy, forget about fast-food – chips, burgers, crackers should get in the “black list”.

Usual way of life of a pregnant woman:

What not to do during pregnancy

  • Expectant mothers during pregnancy should avoid taking a hot bath or sauna. Excess heat above 39 degrees can affect the formation of the fetus, and in some cases become a cause of miscarriage;
  • Watch for its cosmetics: creams, shampoos, mascara should not contain toxic substances. But from hair coloring to the time you want to unsubscribe: in the body of pregnant women undergo hormonal processes that can be affected by artificial dyes that penetrate the scalp. For hair, use natural remedies – herbal decoctions, henna, masks and so on;
  • At the time, refrain from repellents, self-tanning and other substances, as some of them may contain harmful substances that affect the development of fetal nervous system;
  • The drugs can be administered only by a doctor – even familiar to many of tetracycline or paracetamol can cause serious complications in the fetus;
  • Pregnant women should not lift weights, jump, walk fast or hard workout. Slow yoga for pregnant will be a good replacement, and from activity to rest better. The maximum weight that can be lifted to a pregnant woman – 5 pounds, and in the last months of pregnancy – 3, even without that the expectant mother is having a hard time;
  • Give up Smoking, pregnant women even harmful passive Smoking, so stay away from Smoking areas;
  • When house cleaning and ask family members to help you, because in many detergents and household chemicals the toxins. At the time, replace them with ordinary soap or anti-allergic agent. Pregnant women should not take part in the repair, even if you really want yourself to equip the nursery, give it a home. Volatile compounds paints, glue and other substances pose a serious danger;
  • If your house have a cat, ask someone from home to take care of her. Cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis, a virus which is dangerous to the fetus.

Lifestyle during pregnancy

What not to do during pregnancy period

  • At the time, refrain from high heels – you create an additional load on the spine, it is negligence during pregnancy causes of postpartum back pain;
  • Choose loose clothing made of natural materials, refuse tight and uncomfortable things.
  • In the first trimester the mother not to do x – ray only on the testimony of a physician, you also cannot do any vaccination, especially smallpox or malaria – they can cause defects in the fetus;
  • Try not to worry and not to overdo it, as this is the condition of the mother is passed and the baby;
  • Limit the time spent at the computer or with a mobile phone – radiation damage is not yet proven, but it is better to err. If your house has electric mattresses and blankets, they better time off;
  • Try to refrain from long-distance travel. Many women during pregnancy is contraindicated to drive a car and fly a plane. Especially for those who suffer from bleeding, hypertension and other diseases;
  • Try to avoid crowded places, because your body is now very susceptible to all infections. Also likely that in the crowd pregnant woman can accidentally push or hurt her stomach;
  • Don’t ignore your discomfort from your delay may depend not only health, but also the life of your baby, so when alarming symptoms, immediately contact your doctor.

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