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You madly want a baby and you with her husband for several months with the hope of looking at the test, but the second strips all there. But you’ve heard many times about the lucky ladies who have all worked on the first try. Indeed, one can often hear and not planned pregnancy. But what is actually likely to get pregnant on the first cycle?

Female cycle

Female menstrual cycleThe female cycle, the average is 28 days, 2 days of the cycle, fertile days, there are days when you can conceive a baby. Sperm in anticipation of Mature oocytes can be inside the uterus 48 hours. If you put these two periods, the survival of spermatozoa and fertility in a woman, you get 3 days. That is, in these 3 days per cycle a woman can become pregnant. And if the cycle is 28 days, then the probability of 11%. Another significant factor in the doctors note. Sometimes, even if the sperm has reached the egg, fertilization does not occur because of any number of reasons. And it happens quite often, up to 50% of cases. That is, taking into account this factor, only 5-6 % of probability. Because many girls get upset if you cannot achieve the desired result immediately.

According to doctors, those couples who have sex 2-3 times during the week, have the probability of conception in the next six months about 60%. 30% want to conceive his stride during the year, and another 10 percent will appreciate the result the first time. There is another factor affecting the ability of the child’s conception – age parents. Due to the fact that increasing the number of cycles of ovulation women, the probability to conceive becomes lower. But with excellent health, a positive mood, and the absence of contraindications, try not only possible, but necessary.

Interesting fact that nature at the expense of compensation for difficulties conceiving at an older age, significantly raises the probability of conceiving twins. So, as you realized, of course, the probability to conceive the first time there, but it’s so mysterious and unpredictable process, which can be compared only with the miracle, and even doctors can never give an absolute guarantee of result. Just need to want and strive and succeed.

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