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What to feed a baby in the winter?

Winter is quite a serious burden on the body of a small child. Resistance to colds during this period significantly reduced, and overall body spends two times as much energy to support health and strength. Therefore, it is important to make a balanced menu for any child.

Vitamin C foods with vitamin

In recent years, more and more doctors in the compilation of the diet follows a simple rule: “all’s Well that grow where you live!” Of course, bananas and kiwi will not cause harm, especially in winter, but does not make sense to forget a known folk remedy for the fortification. Excellent source of vitamin C is, for example, sauerkraut and the juice from it. If your child is already more than 3 years, feel free to give him cabbage juice every day.


Essential sources of nutrients and a wonderful way to combat colds are garlic and onions. Give their child a little, but every day, fresh. It is best to put a little onion and garlic on the pen directly on the window sill or balcony – there is nothing tastier and healthier than fresh herbs!

Fruit juice for kids

Fruit juice for kidsEach day do fresh fruit juice is not difficult, even if the house is not a juicer. Two or three oranges or one grapefruit is enough to make a glass of fresh juice, just squeeze his hands. Drink with the baby juice right away, because vitamin C begins to break down after 10-15 minutes.

The only negative citrus juices – their high allergenicity. However, there are whole countries where fresh orange juice drink from infancy in huge quantities without any negative effects. For example, it is recommended to give children fresh orange juice almost liters. So too should not be afraid, just look at first to the reaction of the child.

Vegetables and fruits in the diet of the child

Be sure to wash your winter fruits under running hot water. As a rule, all winter apples, pears, often oranges coated with special compounds that facilitate their transportation and extend shelf life. Better just cutting the rind even with pears and apples.
Without treatment until we reach the Abkhaz and Georgian tangerines, Krasnodar late apples.

Excellent source of vitamin C and many minerals – persimmon. Fresh, juicy, ripe persimmons should be an integral part of child table in the winter season.
Always available bananas are a good source of many vitamins, they are a great tool to eat at any time. Besides bananas extremely rarely an allergen, almost never.
Grated with sugar or stewed carrots – an important element of children’s winter diet. Carrot beneficial to the eyes, hair, skin. Be sure to add to the carrot any oil – carotene is absorbed only by fat.

Frozen food

Frozen vegetables and fruits – not the best, not yet an alternative to fresh foods. Children can give purees, soups and compotes. Remember, however, that vitamins in frozen vegetables remains quite small (best saved carotene), so fresh you can not refuse in any case.
Well all useful substances in cranberries and cranberries – and because in nature they survive freezing without loss of quality. Tolerate freezing and other berries.

Honey in the diet of the child

If your child is not allergic to honey, winter eat it every day, starting with a quarter of a teaspoon. Good to mix honey with onion and garlic, with lemon. So vitamin C is not destroyed, add honey in warm water, not hot 55-60 degrees. S.
Remember that winter honey may not be liquid.

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